Have you embarked on the preliminary stages of moving to a new home? Have you started working with an architect to draw blueprints for the home, search online listings, contact realtors, scope out prospective neighborhoods, or any other moving preparation step? But you’re yet to answer the most important question of them all: Can your home security system move with you?

Some home security companies make moving a difficult process that forces you to either pay fees, order new equipment, or deal with a number of installers and company representatives.

At Protect America, our do-it-yourself systems make moving easy. You move for free.

There are no installation fees. No messing with installers or security personnel. And no difficulty. You simply unplug and move equipment yourself. Easy as that.

Moving Made Simple

Not every home security company makes moving so simple. Many companies have hardwired systems that require installers and leave heavy wiring throughout the home. This makes moving complicated for customers and companies.

Other companies charge fees to move their equipment. According to Vivint’s moving terms and conditions, to move a Vivint system you have to be a customer who has been with the company for over a year and willing to sign a new agreement. If you want to remain on your old plan, or you’re a customer who has been with Vivint less than a year, you are forced to pay a $99 moving fee.

Similarly, according to Security System’s Compare, ADT’s moving agreement states that they only move customers who have been with the company for two years and have an account that is in good standing with the company. Their moving service also is not available to customers who have purchased ADT through authorized dealers.

Home security is often a commitment. Most companies have standard contracts they ask for, so you want to choose a company like Protect America that makes moving as easy as possible for you. Moving home security, which is so crucial to your safety and well-being should be simple, free, and easy.

With Protect America, if you need something replaced, like door or window sensors, or if you want an entirely new system, we will replace it for free! We always want people to be protected as soon as possible.

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Tips to Remember Before Your Move

When you purchase your home security system, keep the original packaging. This makes it easier to keep sensors and other small pieces of equipment labeled and easy to find. Small pieces can get lost during a move, so this will ensure everything is in place during the transition.

Explore the needs you’ll have in a new home before you get there. Will you need more or fewer sensors? Will you need different equipment? What variables are present in this home that wasn’t present in the last?

If you are renting a home, be courteous to the new renter by peeling off and taking down the backing from sensors and patching up areas where the home security system was installed.

And remember: You never know who’s watching you move all of your belongings into a new home. Be careful. You don’t want to show off all of your gadgets, toys, and belongings to neighbors. It’s best to set up home security as soon as you arrive in your new location so advantageous crooks can’t swoop in when they think the time is right.