Every Tuesday the dog sitter stops by your home to pick up the pooches and take them for a stroll through the neighborhood. On Wednesday’s your oldest son gets home from basketball practice before you do. And on Saturday you have a pair of house keepers that stop by while you’re away.

These are examples of times where it may be necessary to have additional access codes to your home security system for other users. But you definitely don’t want people, sometimes even your own kids, to have access to the system entirely.

Here’s how you can add additional access codes to provide minimal abilities to users for you Protect America system. With a Protect America system you can have up to five additional codes on top of the master code.


Installing the Additional Codes

The process of installing additional codes is rather simple, and not too much of a hassle. Within a few moments you’ll have your new codes set up, and each code can be different for each user that will have access to the system. Here’s the five step user code process:

Step 1: Open the cover of your Simon system, and using the red numbered keys, enter your four-digit master code. Once the master code is entered, the system will say, “please select from the start menu.”

Step 2: Press the “add” button, and the system will say, “please select from the main menu.”

Step 3: Press the access code and the panel will say, “master code, press again for the next access code or done to select.”

Step 4: Press the access code again, and the panel will say, “access code 1, press again for the next access code or done to select.” Press done, and the panel will ask you to “use number keys to enter access code 1.” Enter the access code, and now the panel will repeat the access code. Follow by closing the cover when you are done.

Step 5: To make additional access codes, you’ll simply need to repeat steps one through five. At step three, continue pressing “access code,” button until you hear the next available location, ie: access code 2. Repeat this step as many times as you need access codes.

The Emergency Panic Button

With the new users being granted use of your system, it’s important that they know about the emergency police panic button on the system.

The signal is sent directly to the monitoring station. There will not be a confirmation call from the monitoring station, but the proper authorities will be notified. If there’s an emergency, simply press and hold the Police panic button for three seconds.

Afterwards, you can enter the four-digit temporary code to disarm the system. The command station will say, “System disarmed,” and the temporary code is your master code backwards.

Press System Status button. The Command Station will indicate by voice that each individual sensor has been activated. If the Emergency buttons have been properly activated, the Command Station will say, “system panic alarm.” The signal has now been sent to the monitoring station.

Now, all the signals for all the sensors have been verified in your home. The alarm memory needs to be cleared. Press the System Status button and immediately press the “disarm” button. The System Status light should now be off.


If the System Status light is lit, press system status button. This will indicate either an open sensor or a problem with the system. If a sensor is open, close that sensor. The system status light should be off.

This covers emergency panic buttons and adding access codes, but we’ve also published a previous blog post on creating master codes. This can help you if you are still in the process of registering your system and getting your codes set up.

At Protect America, we believe that something as crucial as Protect America should never be stressful, difficult, or riddled with inconvenience. We’re here to make the setup process as easy as possible for our customers. If you need any further support you can contact us on our support page at www.protectamerica.com/support.