If you’re trying to cancel your home alarm system, you probably need to write a home alarm cancellation letter first. Canceling your alarm service early can lead to you being charged quite a lot, sometimes the entire length of the contract. Even canceling after your contract has expired may require up to three months of advance notice.

Why Do You Need a Cancellation Letter?

A lot goes into monitoring a security system. When  you cancel your service:

  • Your account has to be settled. If you haven’t completed your contract, fees may be charged.
  • Your equipment has to be taken back. If you did not finish paying for your equipment or was leasing your equipment, it must be uninstalled.
  • Your monitoring service must be discontinued. You may have basic or advanced monitoring service; regardless, it needs to be discontinued.

Your security company will take care of all of this for you, but they need to know exactly when you want to cancel.

What is a Cancellation Letter?

A cancellation letter gives the company specifics about when you are canceling and why. If you are canceling "for cause," you need to specify this, if you want to avoid any early cancellation fees. "For cause" could be:

  • A failure of the company to provide the services they promised.
  • Poorly working or malfunctioning equipment.
  • A lack of service in an area you’re moving to.

But all of this also depends on your contract, which you should read carefully. If you’re canceling your contract after your contract date has ended, then you don’t need cause; you only need cause if you’re hoping to avoid early termination fees. 


How Do You Get Started?

You can find home alarm cancellation letters online. These cancellation letters are fairly basic but can be customized for you. 

This letter is to officially inform you that I am cancelling my security service at the end of the term of my current contract. The date is DATE. 

What’s most important is to be very specific about the date of your cancellation, where you can be contacted, and any mitigating situation regarding your fees.

A home alarm cancellation letter alone may not be enough to cancel your service, depending on your contract; you may also need to discuss cancellation with your service. After that, you can start looking for a service that better suits your needs. Contact Protect America today for more information and a quote.