When you are just starting out on your hunt to decide which home security system is the best for your family, it can be tempting to believe all the adds that talk about a $99 start-up fee when you sign a 3-year contract.  Are those ads for real and what kind of contract are we talking about?  This FAQ reveals the average pricing structures you are likely to find and what the real cost will be to you.


Upfront and Installation Costs

When deciding on the entire cost of your system, make sure to include every fee, equipment purchase, and ongoing bill you will pay over the contract.  Most security companies offer a basic system advertised at a very low price from $49 to $299 installed.  However, their sales technician that comes to survey your home or install the equipment will immediately try to get you to sign up for additional services, equipment, and other features that will likely balloon that initial cost anywhere from $500 to $3000.


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    A basic system only includes:

    • Control panel
    • 1 door sensor
    • 1 window sensor
    • 1 motion sensor

    Basic Monthly Monitoring

    The monitoring fee is a far more predictable number than the cost of installation. The most popular full-service home security company in America, ADT, starts their basic service at $29/mo.  You will need to do some serious shopping around to find the best bang for your buck, as promotions can seriously affect your bottom line.

    Most monitoring services require a 3-year contract for new customers, with automatic renewals for annual contracts after the initial period. It is possible to find a service like SimpliSafe that allows you to monitor your own system and sign up for remote monitoring only when you go on vacation.

    Home Automation and Video Up the Price

    If you add on home automation, video, fire, water, and panic alarms, your monitoring cost could rise over $60/mo.  Also, don’t forget that your home alarm system likely requires a telephone with a landline to function.  That can add another $50 to your monthly costs if you have switched to internet or cell phone for your home communication needs. 


    Termination Fees

    Since the company is installing your equipment at a low price, your monthly monitoring fee covers the actual cost of the sensors and the professional installation. If you need to kill your contract early, expect to pay up to 75% of the remaining cost of the contract.  If you take your service with you, they may help you install a new system at a reduced rate and create a new 3-year contract.

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