What Happens When My Alarm Is Triggered?

One thing that most people considering a monitored home alarm system are sure to wonder: How long will it take for help to arrive? From the time the alarm sounds — to the time that law enforcement shows up — a lot can happen. Here are some questions that people frequently ask.

  • How long does it take my security company to make the call?
  • Who does the call go to? 911? To the nearest police station? 
  • Does law enforcement take home alarm notifications seriously?
  • How long will it take to get to my house?

These are reasonable questions, and the answers depend on a variety of factors. For example, the security company you choose may have shorter or longer response times, but overall you can expect them to act quickly after verifying the alarm. As for the police, they are more likely to respond quickly if they feel confident that the alarm is legitimate. 


Unfortunately, there are frequent instances of false alarms, and local law enforcement are not fans of false alarms. If you want the police to put a high priority on calls to your home, be sure that they haven’t been coming out once a month for a false alarm. You can reduce the chances of false alarms by making sure your system is installed properly and in good working order. Also, be sure that all family members know the system and how to use it, and understand the seriousness of using it correctly.

If you have pets, be sure that they won’t set off the alarm.

Video Monitoring Makes A Difference

If your system has video monitoring that streams to your alarm company, this is ideal. Why? Because it means there will be visual evidence of a break-in. This means the police will put a higher priority on your call. 

If you are home and your alarm is triggered because someone has entered the home, your call will be an even higher priority. You can expect help in minutes. 

Your alarm system will almost always attempt to reach you first to confirm that there is in fact a problem. The sooner they get solid confirmation the better. Again, the response time from your security company from the time they get alerted to the time they are reporting the incident to the police is often under a minute. From the time the police arrive will depend on the nature of the situation and where the police are in relation to your home, as well as other factors.


Remember, part of the beauty of monitored home alarm is that thieves will often avoid a monitored home altogether. While this doesn’t deter all thieves, it does greatly reduce the chances a thief will attempt to enter your home.

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