Home alarm systems are not new technology, but the protection they offer today is vastly improved from even a decade ago. Before investing in a home alarm system, determining the overall cost of your investment is key to ensure you feel comfortable and satisfied with the decision you make. Whether you are seeking simple cameras that can be installed on your own or if you are seeking a fully-equipped and professionally installed monitoring system, there are plenty of plans available to choose from on the market today.

Most Popular Security Cameras and Home Alarm Systems

Some of the most popular security cameras and home alarm systems include setups that run automatically with little or no effort required on your end. Having your home constantly monitoring and recording potential incidents or unwanted intruders is a way to gain peace of mind without having to work cameras manually on your own. Motion detection cameras, as well as systems that link to smartphones and other Wi-Fi devices, are extremely popular, as they allow individuals to monitor their property and all areas of their homes even when they are out of town or the country. 

Pros and Cons of Using a DIY Home Security System

Pros and Cons of Using a DIY Home Security System

According to Urban.org:

Public surveillance camera systems can be a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crime. 

Reducing the potential of a burglary is one of the biggest reasons individuals invest in security cameras and home alarm systems. When you are using a DIY setup, understanding some of the pros and cons of doing so without professional assistance or monitoring is highly recommended before getting started.


  • Save on installation costs
  • Choose each piece of equipment you want individually
  • Customize how your system works throughout your home


  • Miss out on 24/7 monitoring
  • You will not receive alerts if a burglary is occurring or has already happened
  • No backup system (unless you have installed one yourself)

Monthly Service Fees and Monitoring Costs

Monthly Service Fees and Monitoring Costs

In 2011 alone, America spent more than $20 billion on home security costs. Protecting loved ones and property is a top priority for millions of individuals around the country, which is why it is vital to compare pricing options before selecting a home security package that is best for your lifestyle. While some companies charge anywhere from $200 to more than $1000 for installation fees, there are also security services that allow for DIY installation. Monthly fees for monitoring services typically range from $20 to more than $200 a month depending on the setup you select.

Whenever you are shopping around for a new home alarm system it is important to keep the type of equipment you desire in mind to find the best pricing and the services you require. With a company such as ProtectAmerica, eliminate unnecessary stress and worry from your everyday life when striving to protect your property and loved ones. Allow ProtectAmerica to provide you with the very best equipment and monitoring service at a cost that is affordable to all households.