When a security system is not installed, homes are 300% more likely to be burglarized, which is why home alarms are so essential today. Investing in a home alarm system that includes cameras adds an entirely new layer of protection to all aspects of your property (both indoors and out). If you are thinking of purchasing an alarm system with cameras, understanding the options available to you is ideal prior to making a decision and choosing the equipment that is most suitable for your household. 

Motion Detection and Night Vision

If you are looking to secure the exterior of your home and your surrounding property, security cameras that include motion detection and night vision are highly recommended. Motion detection is ideal for trespassers and potential burglars, whereas night vision is able to keep an eye on your neighborhood throughout the entire night. 

Dealing with pesky racoons or mystery animals? Having security cameras equipped with night vision and motion detection can help you catch the perpetrators in no time!

Sound and Automatic Movement Capabilities

Not all security cameras for home alarm come with sound and individual movement capabilities. If you are interested in capturing the sound you record on video, seek out a home security company that provides the proper equipment to meet your needs. Additionally, if you are looking for security cameras that automatically pan, tilt, and rotate when motion is detected it is also necessary to seek out individual providers and companies that have an array of options for your custom alarm system. Be sure to inquire about equipment availability from the security company of your choice to ensure you receive the setup you have in mind before installation. 

Home Camera

Wi-Fi Enabled Security Cameras

Security cameras that are Wi-Fi-enabled provide a few benefits that are ideal if you frequently travel or simply prefer to keep an eye on your property at all times. Some of the ways Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras are useful include:

  • Access all of your live camera feeds inside and outside of your home with the use of a smartphone, computer, or another Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Save and store clips your security camera captures and records if you are seeking evidence
  • Stream your property cameras online if you are monitoring a public location or business you want to protect
  • Receive alerts immediately if your property is broken into or if motion is detected by one of your devices
  • Call your security company directly with the use of your smartphone, computer, or another Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Keep track of the current status of all cameras and devices in and outside of your home to verify they are working properly

Knowing how your home security equipment works and the features you have to utilize is the best way to get the most out of any alarm setup you have in mind. Are you looking for a completely customized and affordable home security system for you and your family? Visit ProtectAmerica.com today to learn more about our available plans, equipment, and getting your free quote.