In the past, home security systems used your hardline or home phone lines to monitor your system. More recently, many people want to know if it is necessary to have an internet or Wi-Fi in order to maintain your security. Actually, wireless monitoring has become the new normal in home security and it is not necessary to have an internet connection in order to maintain your alarm system.

What is Wireless Monitoring

A wireless monitoring system usually contains a control panel and several sensors. The control panel is placed in a fixed position, normally near the front door. There are two types of sensors.

  • Motion sensors
  • Window and door sensors

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an important part of protecting your home from potential thieves. These types of sensors detect movement, which is why they are sometimes referred to as Motion Detectors. You’ll want to place them in an area of your home where they can be most effective and cover a wide range of space. The placement should be in the left or right corners near the ceiling where there is nothing blocking its view, like a large cabinet or television. Don’t place motion sensors on a window or near a bedroom door. Constant movement from window blinds or the opening and closing door can be disruptive. Instead, put it on the outside of the hallway and in an open space.

If you have a second or third story, place a motion detector in the hall of those levels or near the staircase. According to Crime Prevention Security Systems, “Tall trees or even outdoor tables can provide easy access to the second story of your home, and access to a room.”


Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors contain 2 distinct parts. One is a transmitter or sensor, and the other is a magnet. When the devices are separated by more than 2 inches, the sensor will sound. When you open the door to leave, your device will let you know that a door is open. Some security systems will even let you know which window or door has been opened.

When installing these sensors, make sure to place the magnet on the door itself and the transmitter on the frame. The two must be aligned in order for the system to recognize when the sensor is tripped.

Internet Outages

Even if you have a system that requires internet usage, your sensors will continue to work by letting you know which doors or windows are open and if there is movement inside of the house. It is possible that there may be a disconnect between your security system and the company monitoring your security if they are using the internet. You may want to find a security company that uses cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring is on a different frequency than the internet and can be more reliable.

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