Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a security system installed. Does that sound paranoid? It isn’t. Home break-ins, home invasions and other problems in the home are so pervasive that not having a security system means you’re more vulnerable than your neighbors are. Why? Because they likely have security systems. In many neighborhoods, having a home security system is the norm, and that helps deter crime from the entire area. 


Security Systems and Bad Credit

One of the problems with getting a security system for the home is that many security companies do a credit check before you can get their high-priced systems installed and your system monitoring set up.

And if your credit isn’t quite perfect, you can have trouble getting that system installed. Do you really want to wait until you can improve your credit score before you get your security system? It could be several months to years before that happens. This leaves you to be vulnerable for quite some time. That’s where a different type of security system comes in.

Cutting Out the Middlemen

When you buy from a company that has a large workforce of middlemen, you pay more. When you do business with a security company that cuts that entire step out, you pay less. It’s that simple. With no door-to-door salespeople and commission-based installers and others trying to sell you a security system, the cost is lower and there is less need for great credit. When you combine that savings with a low monthly monitoring cost, you pay even less.

Do-It-Yourself System

If you want to pay the least you can and not worry about the high cost of security installation, you can always install your system yourself. If that sounds scary, it doesn’t have to. Today’s security systems are easier to use than ever, and the pieces can often be installed in seconds. Using the adhesive backs of the units, simply choose the best places to put them and press them to those surfaces. It’s that easy. This prevents those high installation prices that so many security companies charge. If you aren’t sure where to install them, here are a few ideas:

  • Install them on the outer doors of the home.
  • Choose the windows that may be most vulnerable to intrusion, such as the lower windows or the windows that are on the back side of the home. 
  • Place a motion detector where a burglar can’t avoid walking such as the front entrance or the area around the back door.
  • Don’t forget to use those yard and window signs! Stick a security system warning on the outer doors and place a sign where it is easily visible from the street to scare away the bad guys.


Cost Effective Security

When you can choose your security plan, you can choose your price. Just think about what you can pay each month and how many monitors and alarms you want inside your home. This will guide your overall plan as well as the price you decide to pay for your system and the monthly monitoring. Even the price quote is free. If you’re interested in monitored home security, don’t wait to get a free quote from Protect America.