At its very core, each and every home security system operates in accordance with the same fundamental principle – securing points of entry, like windows and doors. Home security systems also protect the interior of the home being monitored. The valuables protected inside often include coin collections, jewelry, art, Tiffany Lamps and computers, among other valuables. The reality is that your home’s size, or the number of windows or doors being guarded are easily secured by installing the appropriate number of  security components throughout the residence.


Typically, a home security system is installed with:

  • Sensors for windows and doors
  • Exterior and interior motion sensors
  • A control panel
  • Security cameras and,
  • A thunderous alarm

Most security systems also provide stickers for windows and yard signs to alert anyone with an idea of trespassing or burglarizing a home with a home security system is in place, monitored and active.

Your 2018 Guide to Smart Home Security Systems

A smart home security system reaches further into the wireless community by connecting the security system to the home/business’ proprietary Wi-Fi. This allows you to control (and monitor) the various security components through the use of an app on your smartphone.

Entry-level smart home security systems are equipped with basic window and door sensors, a motion sensor and a control panel that manages the various security devices through the use of wireless networking.

A smart security system should provide components that integrate seamlessly and are adjustable to meet your particular needs.  For instance, it would be smart to set a rule that unlocks all doors should a smoke alarm blare. It would also make sense to have a strategically based camera turn on automatically when a certain sensor detects motion. In addition, smart home security systems are capable of using cameras to record the area being monitored. Recordings of videos can be stored in the home using a solid state drive. These recordings can also be save to a cloud storage device. However, it is noted that while cloud storage is the easiest way to store and access video, cloud storage generally requires a subscription which can be expensive.

 A smart home security system is a solution designed to offer you and your family heightened convenience, comfort, and peace of mind.

Mobile Apps for Smart Home Security Systems

Most smart home security systems work in conjunction with a mobile app. This morphs your smart phone into your home security command center. Mobile apps allow you to arm/disarm the system, modify your preferences and a way to receive notifications when any alarm has been triggered. They also provide a way to view recorded (and live) video and are clever enough to automatically disarm the alarm when you are within a predetermined distance from your home/business.

A dedicated smart home security mobile app allows you to remain aware of what may be going on in your home or your business. The smart home security system can be coded to send an instantaneously alert via the mobile app.  The mobile app’s purposes are expanding to the point where you can check what is going on at home with regards to your pets or kids, through the live video feed, no matter where you might be located.

The fancier smart home security systems typically include an in-home touch-screen panel to a) monitor, b) control the entire smart home security system and c) to communicate with the monitoring services department.


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