At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. Jodi Rell, former Connecticut Governor (2004-2011)

The professional team at Protect America regularly gives advice about the benefits of different home security systems that we offer. In recent years, companies have developed a new generation of home security panels that offer greater ease of operation. As you consider your options, be sure to take a look at our reviews of the top panels that we blogged about in January 2018.


In selecting the best home security panels, many consumers check with a variety of sources. Individual manufacturers will have information about their specific products. Some sources offer comprehensive reviews of various systems. For example, PC Magazine released its most recent review of best smart home systems in early April 2018. After doing some window shopping, we encourage you to come back to Protect America to learn about how our connections with many vendors and manufacturers allow us to develop comprehensive security solutions.

Important things to know about home security panels:

  • The Control Panel Is Essential for Home Security Systems. Unless you choose a low-tech solution involving traditional lock-and-key hardware, you need a home security panel to serve as the “hub” for your system, the place that links cameras and other sensory devices at the main point where you can arm your system. While many people may decide to install a comprehensive system that allows them to access most or all of their features from a smartphone, the panel is still the primary hub for the system.
  • Never Ignore Those Beeping Sounds when You Hear Them. Panels may “beep” for a variety of reasons. Low battery power, prolonged loss of electricity, and a unit in need of repair or replacement are the three most common reasons. If you notice the beeping sound, check your panel immediately. Learn more about steps to take by looking at this blog article that talks about the most common occurrences for beeping to occur. Sometimes, home security panels need to be reset. Yes, this may seem frustrating at the moment, but it’s never an impossible task. To offer some general guidance, we have posted a basic tech guide if you ever need to reset your home security panel.
  • Remember the Role of the Tamper Switch. Panels have a “tamper switch” as an extra level of security to assure that if someone tries to modify the system, the event does not occur unnoticed. Even changing the batteries will trigger the tamper switch as a way of alerting the owner and the security monitoring firm that someone may have tried to compromise the panel’s operation. Be sure to learn more about the tamper switch by reading our blog article that describes its role.
  • Batteries in Systems Vary and They Need to Be Replaced at Some Point. Whether you installed your own panel or bought a house with a pre-existing system, it makes sense to keep track of your batteries for the panel. Batteries are often measured in either in Amp-Hours (for larger batteries) or Milliamp-Hours (for smaller batteries). There are some helpful DIY guides for replacing batteries, including this one that offers a general overview, and your print or online owner’s guide will give suggestions as well. If unsure, check with the company that provides monitoring for suggestions.
  • Choose a Convenient Location for Your Panel. Make sure it is easy to access, day and night. Inform all family members of its basic operations.

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