Property owners are constantly on the hunt for new ways to secure their home or business, and why shouldn’t they be? Maintaining and securing a piece of property are integral to successfully maintaining an investment, protecting your loved ones, and keeping customers safe and secure while on property. While most burglaries, break-ins, and criminal activities are crimes of convenience, it doesn’t stop criminals from taking advantage of even secured properties. With that being said, it never hurts to have a home security system installed and kept up to date with the changing of the times.

While home security systems are better than they’ve ever been, and simpler too, many companies are taking advantage of their consumers by charging exorbitant fees to have professionals come in and install the systems for their customers. While there is nothing wrong with pursing convenient and professional installations, there is something to be said for having a free installation offered as part of a package. Let’s talk a little more about home security system installations, getting cheap or free installations, and maximizing the safety of a home or business.

Affordable Home Security System Installation.

Take a walk down any digital aisle of home security providers and no doubt the most striking price tag a customer will find belongs tot he ‘professional installation fee’. While there is no doubt that security systems are extensive and elaborate, they have long since grown past the point of requiring an expensive $150 installation fee, as some professional security system providers are opting to charge.

Home security systems are easier to use and install than ever and as such home security companies should offer free or affordable installation services.

While many home security systems will charge an incredibly high fee in order to install their security system, some services are offering a better option – the free DIY installation. While it can be scary to embrace the DIY factor of installing a home security system, companies like Protect America are making it easier than ever. Protect America has been servicing the world with home security systems for years now and while they offer professional installation services, consumers can now benefit directly from their own free DIY installation services. Here are a few benefits of pursuing a DIY installation through Protect America.

  • Affordable – Nothing beats free, right? Protect America offers an option for their home security systems to be installed for free and that is something that other providers, like ADT, cannot lay claim to.
  • Professional Help – Even if a consumer opts to go the DIY installation route, they’ll still have access to free help on standby from Protect America. Customers can call a professional hotline in order to get help as they go through the installation motions.

Looking For The Right Security System.

While Protect America is one of the premier security system companies offering affordable and free installation services, there are no doubt others available on the marketplace. In order to find these options, consumers need to be willing to ask directly for a discounted or free professional installation if a DIY option is not available. Security companies understand the changing nature of the business and as such they should be much more flexible and amenable to pursuing creative options for consumers that want to get a security system set up in their home or business.

The Protect America Advantage – More Affordable Than Ever.

Now that there is a much more even and thorough understanding of finding a security system and getting it installed affordably, consumers can look to the right company to get the job done. Protect America has long been one of the true titans of the home security industry and they’ve gained that reputation after fighting long and hard to offer customers every advantage possible. Customers looking to take their home security seriously should consider calling Protect America today. Here are a few key benefits of working with Protect America on a home security set-up.


  • Reliable Services.
  • Extensive Equipment.
  • Flexible Networking Options.
  • Affordable Professional Installation.
  • Free DIY Installation w/ Professional Help.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to take home security seriously, start taking a closer look at what it takes to improve the security of a home or business today.