You’ve just enjoyed a fabulous vacation, but you’re ready to be home and relax before hitting the daily grind again. You grab your things from the car and wearily head into your home hoping to unwind and settle in. Instead, you find your things in disarray and upon further investigation, you discover a multitude of valuables have been stolen.

According to the FBI, 2,000,000 home burglaries occur every year in the United States alone with nearly 66% of them being home burglaries.

In addition to the obvious benefit of protection, did you also know that having a monitored home security system can save you upwards of 20% on your homeowner’s insurance? The DIY self-monitored alarms and cameras will not qualify you for this discount. There are other facts that might surprise you about having an un-monitored home security system.


3 Facts that might surprise you about un-monitored home security systems without a monthly fee:

  • YOU are the monitoring center for your home security system: Consider this scenario; you’re sitting in an important meeting and need to place your phone on silent. Without a monitored home security system, you can easily miss alerts that something is happening in your home. Or, you’re sleeping and an intruder is attempting to break in. Chances are you won’t hear the alert on your phone and you’re putting yourself at higher risk. Monitored home security systems will immediately notify police if a break-in has been detected. While the shriek of an alarm may startle someone that is trying to break in, you’ll likely have to rely on a neighbor to call 911.
  • Most un-monitored security systems require Wi-Fi to function: Since most of the self-monitored systems require this, it’s likely your security system will not operate if the power goes out.
  • You may end up investing quite a bit in equipment: While most monitored alarm systems come with a package of equipment that is intended for total home protection, most un-monitored systems/cameras are stand-alone units and oftentimes only cover one room. It can become quite expensive to purchase enough equipment to effectively cover your home.

What makes a monitored system worth the monthly fee:

  • Consider the value of your personal possessions that could be taken during a burglary. While some people feel it is too expensive to have a home security system, many have to learn the hard way that a small monthly fee could save them significant money down the road.
  • 60% of burglars reported that they are less likely to try and break into a home with a security system. Most of them are intelligent enough to know if the camera (if a camera is present outside) is part of a total home security system or a stand-alone DIY unit.
  • If cost is the factor holding you back, check out the DIY systems like Protect America that have a very minimal monthly fee for total home protection monitored by professionals 24/7. Each Protect America home security system is custom built for the customer and shipped directly to their home. And, they only take about an hour to install start to finish.

Understanding the main differences between monitored and un-monitored home security systems:

Monitored Systems: How they work

  • In the event of an attempted break-in at your home, the system immediately sends a message to the professional monitoring center. Many smart systems today will also send a notification to your mobile phone.
  • Someone from the center immediately calls you to check on the situation. This line of communication significantly reduces the number of false alarms.
  • If deemed necessary, the authorities are dispatched immediately to your home.

Un-monitored Systems: How they work

  • You receive an alert to your smartphone. If you happen to not be available, the communication ends there.
  • You attempt to determine if the threat is valid. You may even be able to check live video feed, but by the time you discover an intruder in your home, you have lost valuable time.
  • You are responsible for contacting the authorities and asking them to go to your home.


So, you decide. Is peace of mind and reliable protection worth a small monthly fee?  If you are weighing your options on various home security systems, contact the professionals at Protect America for a free quote today! They will be happy to answer any questions you might have without a high-pressured sales pitch.