“Most home break-ins usually occur in the daytime when occupants are at school or work.” This means that if your home is targeted for a break in, you will likely not be there to protect it. As such, you may be looking into getting a home security system or home automation system. ADT Pulse is an amazing security and home automation system that can keep your home safe when you are away. If you have never heard of ADT Pulse before, you may have many questions. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about ADT Pulse.


What is ADT Pulse?

ADT Pulse is a unique system that does three different tasks. These tasks include:

  • Remote home security
  • Lifestyle management
  • Home automation

ADT pulse is an entire home system that allows you to remotely access many of the items in your home. You can lock or unlock your doors using the ADT pulse app, turn lights on or off, open or close garage doors, control the temperature setting in your home, monitor wireless cameras while you are away and watch motion detectors and window and door alarms. In addition to allowing you full home automation, ADT pulse also allows a home security monitoring company to monitor things like window alarms, door alarms and motion detectors. The ADT pulse system combines the benefits of full home automation with a remote security monitoring system. You can access all of these features from your ADT pulse portal login.

How Does ADT Pulse Prevent Break Ins?

ADT Pulse can prevent break ins in many different ways. First, when you automate things in your home, you may make it challenging for a burglar to determine whether you are home or away. For example, you may not be home at 7 pm, but your lights may pop on. This helps to prevent it from looking like your home is empty, which may prevent a break in.

Secondly, ADT pulse allows both you and an off-site home security monitoring system to monitor your home. If an alarm sounds, both you and the monitoring service can contact the authorities. In most cases, the alarm will scare off the burglar. But if it doesn’t, a fast response time can minimize the damage done and the property stolen from your home.

Is ADT Pulse Safe?

Since you are able to monitor and use ADT Pulse remotely using a laptop, tablet or your cell phone, you may find yourself wondering if ADT Pulse is safe. ADT Pulse has many safeguards in place, including passwords and an SSL secure website, to ensure that an outsider cannot hack into your wireless system and shut your security system off or control your home automation settings. Additionally, you can further protect yourself by setting a password to your home’s wi-fi system and only logging in to your ADT Pulse account when you are on a secured wireless connection. If you have any other concerns about the safety of ADT pulse, talk to a professional who can answer your specific questions.


60 percent of convicted burglars would have targeted another home if a home security system was present. This means that a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home. If you don’t have one, you should be looking into getting one today. Are you interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America now.