Many people think that burglaries and robberies are one in the same when it comes to criminal activity. This isn’t the case. In fact, there are some key differences between the two when it comes to how they’re defined by the criminal justice system. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these two types of property crimes and how home and business owners can minimize each from occurring.


Robbery Defined

The big difference between a burglary and a robbery is that in the case of a robbery, there’s a victim present at the time of the act. Specifically, robberies are defined as an act of taking something from someone, usually using either threatening, intimidating or forceful actions or language. Robberies can occur with either a single victim or multiple victims. A classic example of a robbery is a bank heist.

Burglary Defined

A burglary is when someone accesses a home or building unlawfully for the purpose of stealing or committing a felony. Unlike in the case of a robbery, where there’s a victim at the time of the act, there doesn’t necessarily have to be someone present in order for a burglary to occur. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, in about three-quarters of all home burglaries, no household member is present. One important thing to note, however, when it comes to burglaries is that acts must be committed on property to qualify. Breaking into a vehicle, for instance, is defined as a larceny – not a burglary. A classic example of a burglary is when someone breaks into a home while household members are at work.


Preventing Robberies and Burglaries

So how can you keep your home or business safe from criminal activity? Here’s a look at some tips and suggestions:

  • Keep landscaping neatly manicured to prevent hiding spots around your home or office.
  • Install motion sensing exterior lighting, particularly around points of entry.
  • Common sense: Keep your doors and windows locked, especially at night and when you’re out of the home or office.
  • Secure any valuables inside a safe within the home or office.
  • Consider a home security system to help protect your property. A home security system can help catch a thief in the act. Statistics also state that homes with such systems are about one-third less likely to be broken into.
  • Set light timers if you’re away for an extended period of time to make it seem like someone’s home.
  • Get to know your neighbors and make it a point to watch each other’s homes for signs of suspicious activity.
  • Stay off social media prior to and during a trip. You don’t want to advertise when you’re not home.
  • Have someone check up on your home while you’re away. Many police departments will offer to occasionally check up on your home, and this can also be done by a family member or neighbor.

Home security systems have evolved to the point where home and business owners can check up on their property no matter where they are in the world from a mobile device and simultaneously check off many of the safety tips and suggestions that we’ve listed above. Live video monitoring, real time security alerts, light activation and door lock activation are just some of the features that today’s security systems permit. For more information about monitored home security systems, contact Protect America today for a free quote for your home.

A home security system can help catch a thief in the act. Statistics also state that homes with such systems are about one-third less likely to be broken into.