Protect America provides a self install system that is easy to set up. Providing a set up DVD and your own personal installation technician upon receiving your equipment, installing your own home alarm system can be very easy. Once installed, you are walked through on how to use your alarm system and the way it works. Using your alarm system, and incorporating its every day use into your every day life is simple, and at Protect America, that’s how we believe it should be.

Using Your Home Alarm System

When it comes to your home alarm and security system, it can vary depending on what type, or model system you may have. This might be the case, but the central idea remains the same. You want to create a routine of arming, and disarming your alarm system to fit your lifestyle. Adjusting or adding these things to your ever day routine can be fairly simple, or you may forget.

Arming and Disarming Your Alarm System

At times you may forget that you even have an alarm system, and when you get home, you open the door without thinking! That’s when it all hits you and you hear your alarm start the counting down process to go off, or the alarm immediately goes off and blares in your ears. Now that is moment you will rarely forget, but it does help remind you to arm and disarm your system. Also you can purchase various alarm accessories to arm and disarm your system like keychains, touchscreens, or key pads. Accessories such as these may help you arm and disarm the system making it more convenient to do so. Protect America offers these products for easy arming and disarming capabilities.

To disarm your system you can also type in the 4 digit code that you assigned as the master code. With our Simon XT system you may also assign 4 digit codes for other users of the alarm system, without having to give them your master code so you can keep track of who arms it. When using your 4 digit code to disarm, all you do is type in your code before your alarm system starts to countdown. Typically you have 45 seconds to disarm the system; during this time you hear beeping  as if the alarm is about to go on. The beeping eventually gets faster till the point it goes off. So make sure you either know your master code, or code assigned, and or have an accessory that will allow you to disarm the system.

When it comes to arming your system, you simply press arm system on the actual panel itself, or you will have a button that reads the same on a keychain or touchpad. You press it once to arm doors and windows, or twice to arm doors windows and motions. If you want no delay, you have to press arm twice on the actual panel and arm it from there.

Using a home alarm system is fairly simple for the most part, but if you ever have any questions, you can always call us here at Protect America. As a customer at Protect America, we guarantee a lifetime warranty on all equipment and assistance over the phone to fix any issues or answer any questions.

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