With the cost of property loss due to burglaries in the US reaching more than $3.5 billion in 2015, it is no wonder millions of individuals and families across the country are looking to protect their homes with home alarm systems. Today, there is a wide variety of ways to create an additional layer of protection for your home with the use of home monitoring services and DIY security devices. Comparing the prices of the top monitoring and security companies along with systems and plans available is a way to find a solution that truly works with your budget and what you require for your household. 

Home Camera

Professional Installation and Monitoring

Choosing a home alarm company that requires a professional installation fee but offers monitoring in exchange for a monthly charge is one of the most common routes to take when shopping around for a security system that feels most safe at all times. However, keep in mind that installation fees often range anywhere from $300 to more than $1200 depending on the size of your home and the service plan you select at the time of signing a contract with the company.

Professional Monitoring

DIY Installation and Professional Monitoring

One of the latest popular trends in home alarm systems and security is the ability for customers to purchase their own equipment while still being provided with professional monitoring and assistance. Purchasing your own security equipment allows for complete personalization with a custom setup perfect for your property (both inside and out). Once your security equipment arrives, simply call your alarm company to complete the setup process and begin monitoring all areas of your home. 

Using a DIY installation method and professional monitoring service often results in lower monthly fees due to individuals installing their own systems

DIY Installation and No Monitoring

Another way to install a home alarm system into your home is to do so on your own. While a DIY installation setup and self-monitoring are always required with this option, there are a few downsides to keep in mind before choosing a system without professional monitoring:

  • Not all cameras and security system setups include motion detectors or have the ability to alert you in the case of a burglary
  • There are no backups or any ways to track what you have captured with your alarm system unless you have installed a backup system yourself, separately from the home alarm system itself
  • It is not always easy to gather the proper evidence if you are filing a police report or are looking to file an insurance claim after you have been burglarized and had property stolen

Getting the most for your investment in home security is possible with a company that meets your protection needs while also working with any budget you have in mind. Looking for a home alarm system that is affordable and offers top-notch monitoring? Learn more about cameras along with other home monitoring equipment at ProtectAmerica.com and get your free quote today.