How much do you want to spend?  The fact is that if you are looking at installing a home security system, first you need to decide just what you expect that system to do.  The available options for monitoring your property are as varied as the equipment, and prices can start at just $100 to get you in the door and skyrocket into the thousands. Let’s look at the most common set-ups.


What Will the $100 System Get Me?

If you search the internet for deals on home security systems, the top ads to pop up will likely be $99 specials provided by the familiar names like ADT, SimpliSafe, or SafeHome.  These set you up with

  • A keypad
  • A couple door sensors
  • Maybe a motion detector
  • A monthly contract for remote monitoring 

An installer will come to your house and likely try to talk you into expanding your purchase. There may be added fees for unusual sensor placements.  You won’t be spending $99, that is a guarantee. It is the easy answer but sometimes can end up being the most expensive in the long run. 

If you want to skip an installer, Protect America offers the peace of mind that 24/7 monitoring provides, but you buy the equipment you want and install it on your own. You may spend a little more up front, but the monitoring fees are lower and you really end up with the product you want.

Wireless Home Security Free From a Contract or Monthly Fee

Maybe you are thinking about one of the new wireless systems like Nest that use your smartphone and home wireless network to monitor your front door.  Expect to shell out at least $500 for the basic pieces to protect one door, one window, and a motion sensor. You will find some pluses, these include:

  • Ability to arm and disarm the system from anywhere
  • No extra monthly costs
  • Expand the system to include other home automation as you go

However, the protection is limited to just you–if you don’t respond to a notification, you might miss the burglar breaking into your home while you were in a meeting.


Adding on Cameras and a DVR

A CCTV system will up the costs of a home alarm system exponentially. You will need wireless cameras, a network multiplexer, and a recording system.  Expect to write a check for around $1200 for a four-camera system without installation fees. If you include video monitoring with your service provider, the monthly fee may increase. The more cameras you want, the higher the price tag will go and increase the need for a professional installation.

In the end, if you want a home alarm system that meets your specific needs without breaking the bank or getting trapped into exorbitant add-ons, check out the install-it-yourself option provided by Protect America. They’ll be happy to order you only the sensors and keypads your home needs without pressuring you into lengthy and overly expensive contracts.