Guess what? You can’t! No, seriously. Unlike many home security companies that charge you a monthly monitoring fee with a two to five-year contract, Security Force Inc. is actually charging you for your equipment, while providing a monitoring service at the same time. This is how they avoid customers from canceling their home security contract due to unsatisfactory service. 

This is why it is always worth reading the contract before signing; instead of listening to the slick salesperson who promises you the world, the fine print will show you how those promises will fail in the real world.  That being said, there are a couple ways to handle your contract with Security Force Inc. that won’t negatively affect your credit rating when you stop paying for an unsatisfactory service.


Option 1:  Take Your System with You When You Move

Okay, so you’re happy with the equipment and monitoring service from Security Force Inc. but you’re selling the house and there’s still a couple years left on your contract. It is possible to call Security Force and have new equipment installed at the new house, but you will likely be buying into a new 5-year contract. How is this possible? Because their contracts read like this:

  • No money down up front
  • Your monthly cost will be somewhere between $30 and $50 dollars
  • You purchase your equipment at the monthly rate over 60 months

Option 2: Transfer the Contract to the New Homeowners

With any luck, the new homeowners want a security system and will be happy to take over your monthly installments.  If this is the case, give Security Force Inc a call at 866-855-4374 and you will need to provide all the information needed to transfer the final payments.  You will need to offer up:

  • Your name and account information
  • New homeowner’s name and contact information

You won’t be released from your obligation until a new contract is signed by the new people. Whatever you do, don’t make any promises to the newbies on behalf of Security Force until you both sign on the dotted line.


Option 3: Pay off the Remainder of Your Contract

Finally, this is your way out if you have determined that Security Force is not providing the kind of customer support that you demand from your home security company.  While some companies allow you to end your contract early by paying a fraction of the remaining balance, Security Force Inc insists that you cut a check for the full amount–thus completing the sale of the equipment. They are not going to come remove the equipment but will stop monitoring.

If all of this sounds pretty sketchy, you are right. You may want to check out the contract and services provided by a more reputable home security company like Protect America. You will receive updated equipment, first class customer service, and a contract that doesn’t include all those questionable clauses that have got you stuck with Security Force.  If that is exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call today.