First Alarm provides security, alarm, guard, and patrol services. Alarm systems include access control, central monitoring, video surveillance, and medical alert. But because First Alarm isn’t transparent with the costs of its services — there are no prices available without a full quote — customers may end up with a system that is more costly than they anticipated. When that happens, you may want to cancel your contract.


What Happens When You Cancel a First Alarm Contract?

Many companies have a cancellation fee attached if you cancel your contract early.  But how long your contract is depends on the deal that you made with First Alarm. Companies such as First Alarm will often cut some of the cost of equipment and installation depending on how long of a contract you’ll sign up for. Your contract may be anywhere from twelve months to thirty six months, depending on your initial agreement.

When you do cancel, you often become responsible for the full cost of installation and equipment, which will depend on the type of installation and equipment you received. There may also be additional administrative fees and penalties, related to the early cancellation.

If you are willing to pay these costs, you can cancel your First Alarm contract at any time. But if you want to avoid these costs, you may need to do some additional legwork.

Is First Alarm the Security Company for You?

"When dealing with First Alarm it hard to tell what to dislike most.

It could be the out dated equipment, prone to failures and false alarms.

Or it could be the incompetent repair service, these guys couldn’t pour water from a bucket, even if the instructions were written on the bottom."

First Alarm Security has multiple complaints regarding its service. Customer service requests are not answered, repair services aren’t delivered in a timely fashion, and the alarm system may not work as it should. Fees may also be higher than expected and the equipment may not have the functionality that you requested. Employees also report being underpaid and consequently unmotivated.

If any of this is true, you can:

  • Document your complaints to First Alarm and request that they fix it in a timely fashion.
  • If they do not fix it in a timely fashion, you can request cancellation of your service.
  • Of course, if your service will terminate soon, you can also consider waiting it out.


What If They Won’t Cancel Your Contract?

If you feel as though they did not deliver what they promised,  you can always attempt to recover your lost fees through small claims court. But if First Alarm has delivered service and you simply want a better and more affordable security solution, you may need to negotiate with them regarding cancellation costs.

Either way, Protect America is available to help you find the right security solution for you.