Are you looking to switch home security monitoring companies? If you are a SAFE Security customer, the first thing you need to do is look up your contract because it did not come with a month-by-month term.  When you signed up, you got a 3 or 5-year contract with likely an auto-renewal clause that can sign you up for another 12 months without asking for your approval


Gather Your Account Information

You probably have your monthly fee paid automatically through your online bank, which means you have no idea what your account number might be.  Give SAFE Security a call at 1-800-669-7779.  You are going to ask for:

  • A copy of your contract
  • Account number
  • The renewal date for your service

That renewal date is crucial as your contract likely requires a 60 or 30-day notification in order to cancel your service.  If you try to cancel with only 28 days left in the year, they can force you to pay for another entire year.

Give a 60-Day Written Notice

While you might be able to give a verbal notice through their customer service call center, that doesn’t leave a paper trail for you to follow if something goes wrong with a cancellation. If you write a letter and send it registered mail, you now have proof of notification, including the date that they received the letter.

There is no reason to elaborate on why you want to get rid of SAFE Security, just state that you are canceling your service effective–write in the date.  Keep a copy of the letter for your files and the receipt for registered mail.

SAFE Security doesn’t have a "click here" button to cancel service on their website.  They want to talk to you so they can sell you another year of service. The letter is the way to avoid confrontation and frustration.


Option: Transfer to the New Owner

If you are moving and have no need of the service any longer, you might be able to transfer the contract to the new owners or tenants. This requires a little legwork on your part and you will have to talk to a service representative.  Even if you get a third party to take over your monthly fees, it is still possible that you may be charged a service fee for the paperwork. 

Should you move and the old house is sitting empty, SAFE Security will keep charging your account until your current contract is up.

If you are not interested in locking yourself into another sticky home security contract, you might want to check out Protect America. They offer the same monitored service while saving you cash on the monthly fee and without a contract that automatically renews for years at a time.  Check out their website for all the details today.