Do you need to cancel your Select Security Contract? Select Security is a comprehensive security solution that offers home and business security, including managed video systems, access control solutions, and fire sprinkler systems. But it may be that the solution that they offer just isn’t right for you.


Why Should You Cancel Select Security?

Select Security is a local home security company. Because of this, you may find that they simply are not as reliable as a national chain. Smaller companies tend to take longer to respond and take longer to deal with customer trouble tickets. 

While it may feel like local businesses are closer to home and more trustworthy, the reality is that these smaller scale security companies are simply not as reliable.

Because of this, even though you may have signed a contract, you may want to get out of it. You might want to cancel your contract because:

  • The Select Security System no longer meets your needs.
  • You can find a more affordable option somewhere else.
  • The customer support is lacking.

Why Are Contracts Necessary?

There are many security contracts that you could later find yourself regretting. Companies make you sign an agreement because they want to subsidize the cost of their equipment, but they may also make you sign a contract that is too long because they want to keep you as a customer after you’ve discovered that their services aren’t good enough.

How Can You Cancel a Contract?

Many companies will let you out of your contract if you are vocal enough about how they are not meeting your needs. Document exactly why you want to end your contract, such as the fact that customer service has not been able to appropriately respond to your complaints.


If they still will not let you out of the contract, you may be able to negotiate a lower cancellation fee. Otherwise, you may need to pay the fee; but you may still be able to save money on a newer installation. As long as you’re willing to pay a cancellation fee, you should always be able to cancel your contract. 

If you’re thinking of canceling your service, you’re going to need another security solution. Protect America can help. Contact Protect America today to find out more about your options — and to get a free, no obligation quote on your new home security system. You may be able to save money even with your cancellation fee.