If you’re wondering how to change the master access code on your ADT security panel, you’ve come to the right place! We might be a competing brand, but we also believe that there’s nothing wrong with spreading the love of good information around. This article will talk shortly about how to change ADT access codes, and then we’ll go into how to change all of the access codes.

ADT Pulse — What Is It?

ADT Pulse is the “total” home security system offered by ADT. It include features such as mobile security monitoring and arming/disarming, changing the temperature in your home, turning lights on and off, and monitored home security.

What is the Master Access Code?

The master access code on the ADT pulse system is a code that allows you to arm or disarm the whole system. It can also be used to change the features and functionalities of your security system. Just like passwords, access codes should be changed every once in a while for maximum security.

Just like passwords, access codes should be changed every once in a while for maximum security.

How to Change the Access Codes

Remember to change the access code if you no longer want a particular person to have access to the security system (i.e. after letting an employee go or if you’ve had a falling out with someone).

ADT Pulse supports many different types of access codes, each type offering a different level of security.

The three types of access codes are:

  • Master code: the primary access code for the whole security system.
  • Standard codes: codes you can use for different people.
  • Duress code: a code you can use in an emergency situation.

To change the master access code, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the access code page (it should be on the “Devices” page of your control panel).
  2. Click or tap the “System” option and then click “change.” A new screen should appear with the title “Change Security Panel Access Code.”
  3. Type the new code in the New Master Code field.
  4. Re-enter the new code in the next blank.
  5.  Type the user password to confirm your identity.
  6. Click or tap “Save.”

In addition to changing the access code, a different access code can be given to each person who is given permission to arming and disarming the security system.


The steps to change the other access codes are very similar. Simply navigate to the System page again, find the access code you want to change and click “Change Code,” and go through the steps again. If you have multiple people with permissions to arm and disarm your security system, be sure to set different access code for each of them for multiple security.

Every time you change an access code — no matter which one you change — it is kept in a logged event file for safe keeping. You can find this log on the History tab of your control panel.

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