If someone is concerned about the amount of security they have in place for their home, there are a few steps that can be taken to ensure they are making the best possible effort to keep belongings, their house, and their family protected. As good old Ben Franklin once said,

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Taking the time to evaluate a home can be worth the effort and expense tenfold. Here are some ways a homeowner can ramp up the amount of security they have in their own home.


Pretend To Be A Thief To See Where Breaches Lay

The best way to find out where security is needed, is to get on the other side of the fence and pretend to be someone trying to gain access to the home. Pull at each door when it is locked to see if there is play in the mechanisms. Climb up on lower rooftops and try gaining access to exposed windows. Hide out behind bushes or trees and see if you are able to scoot through an entryway unseen after someone else goes through themselves. Think like a robber and use every means possible to get into the home when the security measures are in place. If the homeowner is able to get inside…they have their work cut out for them and will need to be proactive in getting problems fixed fast. But they do have a starting point!

  • Be Daring
  • Be Sneaky
  • Use Tools

Jot Down a List Of Areas In Need Of Assistance

After an assessment is done, the homeowner can write down all areas where they feel they could improve security measures. Even if they think measures are passable, if there is the slightest bit of doubt about someone being able to get inside of the home, they should step up their game. Thieves are sneaky and relentless about getting into a home when they know there is something valuable to obtain from doing so. This list can be used to start research. The homeowner can then check out new products on the market that claim to keep a home safe and read reviews about each one. Instead of purchasing an item, however, they can use their research to ask questions…from a professional.


Call a Professional To Come To The Rescue

The homeowner can then enlist help from a professional to help with the assessment of the list they had compiled. The service will give them superb recommendations on which types of security measures work for the specific problems that were found. A security expert can be sent to the home to do an evaluation of their own, perhaps helping to find even more breaches that need a boost in security. A phone call is all it takes to start the process in keeping the home safe and secure for all who live inside.

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