When we conduct a comparative analysis of monitored home security systems vs. any type of non-monitored security options with some technology that might include standalone cameras, etc., monitored home security systems rise to the top tier of the performance list. The reason that supports a high performance ranking for these systems is that it comes down to the fact that monitored home security is the most effective protection available. It’s simply a no contest comparison!


At Protect America, we are proud that our entire team is committed to providing the highest level of home security for individuals and families.

The word individuals is not a typo for the simple reason that the entire housing landscape in America has dramatically changed for a variety of reasons. According to the United States Census Bureau, 35 million people lived alone in 2015. Single individuals comprised 28 percent of all households in America. This figure shows a 17 percent increase in single households compared to the number of single households in 1970. The increase in single households does not appear to be slowing down. Additionally, the number of households that were maintained by unmarried men and women in 2015 made up more than 46 percent of all American households.

As an industry leader, it’s important for us to follow local and national trends since we are a national direct-to-consumer home security business. Our award-winning firm was founded in 1992, and it goes without saying that we’ve earned a reputation for excellence. As the 14th largest residential home security company in the nation, we are deeply committed to protecting homes and families regardless of size. We successfully accomplish this through monitored home security.

We make installation as smooth as possible by carefully guiding our customers through a DIY installation process over the phone.

We realize that many people may not be fully aware of the increase in home invasions, theft, and the fact that a home security breach could possibly happen to them, their family, or their home. The bottom line is that it only has to happen just once for the importance of home security to become a painful reality. That being said, advanced home security planning can provide a measurable increase in security and peace of mind.


This is the reason that we make it a point to share helpful information on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in learning more about our monitored home security systems and the various packages that we offer, feel free to call us toll free or please visit us online.

Home security does not just affect family members, it also affects family pets. This is especially true if you have a brave and protective pet like Binky. Check it out for yourself. It’s pretty amazing!!