Comparing options for home security solutions is important, given the evolution of active monitoring services and security features. Moni Smart Security and Vivint offer a variety of home monitoring and control features, allowing you to optimize the way you protect your home, family and assets. Below is a review of the two service providers, and what you can expect in terms of home security features.


Active Monitoring

Moni and Vivint offer 27/4 active monitoring compared to passive solutions that are offered by other traditional security providers. With this service, your home is actively watched and if there is a break-in or alarm, your home can be viewed and protected. This enhanced security presence can help you when you’re unable to check your home cameras and video recording devices. Similarly, if you’re having a medical emergency, you can contact your service provider and ask for help.

Package Deals

The service you get from either provider is high-quality, but there are different methods for taking advantage of the available solutions. You may not need every bell and whistle to protect your home. Rather, you may need some basic connectivity along with remote access to cameras and sensors. Moni offers three different packages – Core, Connected and Comprehensive – that give you basic to advanced features. Vivint offer the Total Home Package which is more comprehensive in nature.

Important things to consider when selecting a home security package:

  • High-dollar items that need monitoring
  • Number of home entry and exit points
  • Crime statistics in your neighborhood
  • Number of family members
  • How often your home is left unattended


Home Automation

Doorbell cameras, garage door controls, voice activated security control panels and thermostats are among the items that can be integrated with your home security systems. Both Moni and Vivint offer automation features, but they add to the overall cost of your system. You can view your home via your phone or mobile device, if you use apps provided by the service providers. This gives you a level of control over your home that improves the efficiency with which you live your life.

Technology is taking the effectiveness of home security to new heights, providing active monitoring solutions to financial and safety threats. Protect America can mitigate risks to your home and family, if you’re looking to enhance your security features. To get a free quote for service, please contact Protect America today.