If you’ve been looking into home security, you may have seen Moon Security around. With five decades of experience, Moon Security is a comprehensive security expert that offers all types of security solution, from residential to commercial. Moon Security offers 24 hour monitoring, motion sensors, access control systems, and CCTV and video surveillance systems, some of which can also be retro-fitted into an existing security solution.


What is Moon Security?

Moon Security provides both residential and commercial services, including automation, video surveillance, security monitoring, and fire and CO2 monitoring systems. As an all around security solution, Moon Security can tailor their operations to the needs of their individual client. Moon Security also includes:

Moon Security provides their equipment through Honeywell, including the Silent Knightbrand. These systems are intended to be simple, easy to operate, and long-lasting. Honeywell is a fairly popular security solution, and there are many other companies that also use this technology. Those who are interested in Moon Security may also want to look into other options that include the Honeywell brand.

What Does Moon Security Offer?

  • Smart features, such as smart lights and thermostats.
  • Door and window sensors, and motion detectors.
  • Video surveillance cameras.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Both wired and wireless solutions.


How Much Will Moon Security Cost?

Moon Security costs approximately $350 for installation and about $50 a month thereafter. This is the basic package for a residential home security package. Because Moon Security provides so many additional features and add-ons, there are ways to both increase and decrease these costs, depending on discounts and promotions. Nevertheless, it’s likely there’s a better price available.

In terms of other home security systems, Moon Security tends to be a little more expensive than average. A 36 month contract is required to sign up for Moon Security, and there may be promotions available to reduce the cost of initial installation in exchange for a full contract. However, Moon Security also provides comprehensive security solutions, which may be able to mitigate the slightly higher than average price. 

Anything more than the standard installation will need to go through Moon Security’s custom quoting process. Commercial customers will also need to go through the custom quoting process, as there is not a base price available for commercial customers.

Overall, Moon Security is a solid company that provides good value to their customers — however, their prices may be a little more than average, in exchange for some advanced equipment like smart integration. For more information about home security, continue follow Protect America’s blog or contact Protect America to compare quotes.