Portable home security systems are one of the hottest trends in security because they give you a layer of protection without a high cost or a hassle during installation. They range in prices depending on the features you need and how many points of entry are covered in the package. Most of these systems are contract-free and easily fit into the average budget. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to crime. Having a portable security system is an affordable option to safeguard your property and your family.

About 7.9 million property crimes were reported to the UCR, with losses (excluding arson) of about $15.6 billion.

You may be wondering what your options are when it comes to choosing an effective portable home security system that fits your budget? Below are some of the top contenders and their features. Keep in mind the small investment in the security of your home can prevent an average loss of $2000 per home burglary. If you are still wondering if this option is right for you,  consider these reasons for purchasing a portable home security system to safeguard your property.

  •       Budget friendly
  •       Quick and easy self installation
  •       Easy to customize
  •       It can easily move with you

Simplisafe Portable Wireless Home Security System

The Simplisafe portable home security system has everything you need to provide convenient home or office security. This product doesn’t require a contract and gives you all the features you need for a great price. Included in the package are a motion sensor, 5 entry sensors, a base station, wireless keypad, and 1 key fob. If you are wanting a portable security system that gives excellent quality with user-friendly features, this is the right choice for you.

Swann Wireless Home Security System

The Swann wireless security system is perfect for people on a budget that want to ensure the safety of their home or office. This system has a range of up to 200 feet and has a door or window sensor and a driveway sensor. There is a wireless receiver which is battery operated. The gate alert sensor helps keep you informed when someone is present on the property and it also has the classic alert siren to indicate a breach.

Fortress S02-A Wireless Home And Business Security System

The Fortress S02-A security system is reliable and affordable. The company backs their product with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This model does not require a monthly service charge or a contract. It is also easy to install and comes with everything you need to protect up to 5 window or door areas. It also has 2 motion detectors.

Protect America’s Fully Portable System

In the last few years wireless technology has come a long way. Most of the bigger security companies have already started to completely migrate away from wired technology and opt for fully wireless infrastructures. Protect America is no exception to this new shift in technology. One of the biggest issues 5 years ago was not being able to move your security system with you when you relocated to a new home. Now with Protect America’s fully wireless system, all of the equipment can be moved and setup at the new location with almost no effort. The only thing you really need to make their security equipment functional is one wall outlet. Even if you don’t have a wall outlet, the control panel has a battery backup system, so in theory, you could go camping and secure your tent with Protect America’s equipment (for 8 hours).

According to national statistics, approximately 11% of crimes that involved a home invasion included the criminal removing a window or door while the victim was inside. Don’t leave your safety to chance. Know when someone is attempting to enter your home or is even entering your property with a portable home security system. Protect America is a company that can give you guidance and direction when it comes to choosing the right portable home security system for your needs. Check them out on their website to get a free quote or you can call to speak with a friendly representative who can answer all of your questions and point out options that might fit your individual criteria. Protect America is ready to provide you with the products you need to feel secure and have peace of mind.