Carbon Monoxide detectors are not only extremely important but also a requirement. Just as important as actually having a carbon monoxide detector is keeping it working properly. Most of the time, home owners will forget to change the batteries which is a simple fix. Depending on the brand of the detector, a light should help indicate if the detector is working properly. Usually a green light means the detector is working properly but occasionally a red light could indicate the same thing. Make sure to take the time to better understand how your detector works and what lights mean.

Steps to Take

Is your carbon monoxide detector giving you that low battery warning? Fortunately, changing your CO detector’s battery is very easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Acquire 3 AA Batteries. Your first resource should be a third party vendor; you should be able to find AA batteries at a local grocery or convenience store. We recommend this option because you won’t have to pay for shipping, and it is typically a faster and easier route to ordering them from us. However, if you decide to order from us, we will be able to ship you the right batteries in a timely manner.
  2. Once you have the batteries, take the CO detector from the wall, and open the device by sliding the base to expose the batteries.
  3. Once the device is apart, remove the batteries and replace them with new batteries. Be very careful to keep them separate so you don’t get the used and new mixed—either in the device or in storage.
  4. Reassemble the device.
  5. Call Protect America’s customer care specialists at 1-800-951-5111 to run a test on your system to ensure that your device is working correctly with its new batteries.

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