FAQ: What are my options in the case of a military orders or deployments?

At Protect America, we hold the highest respect for those who serve, and we want to take care of those who are protecting our country. In the case of a military order or deployment, there are many options that we offer in terms of your system, service, and contract. You will need to give a call to our customer care department to discuss your circumstances. Here is an outline of what you can expect.



The first thing you will be asked to do is to provide documentation. The care specialist will ask you where you’re being deployed, when the deployment will start, and when the deployment is estimated to end. They will also request a copy of the deployment paperwork or military orders. The best way to send these to us would be through email.

This documentation simply verifies the deployment and allows us to move forward with your account review.


Relocating your system is the simplest solution. If you are relocating to a location within the United States such as a military base or housing facility where an alarm system can be used, you can easily take your system with you. Protect America will send you a relocation kit. Because our system features DIY installation, it’s easy to just take it with you and place it in your new home as part of the move. Just make sure to update your account information with us—your new address, new phone number, new emergency contact numbers, and anything else that is changing.



Another option you have is to transfer ownership of the system to another person. Continuing your home security service with a change of ownership is a wonderful opportunity to provide protection for a family member or friend who could use it while you are away. There are many benefits to this for the person you choose to bestow the system upon:

  • There will be no upfront costs for the system or the service that they would typically need to pay when signing up for a new system.
  • We will continue service from the date the original customer signed the agreement (which offers more flexibility than signing a new three year agreement).
  • The rate will stay the same, because of our locked-in rate guarantee. In many cases this is going to be a lower rate than if they were to sign a new agreement.
  • They will use your existing equipment, but if they need upgrades, we can do that immediately as well.
  • We will provide a free relocation kit.

Need Another Solution?

We know that everyone’s individual circumstances are different, and there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Give us a call and we will be happy to look for a solution that works! You can reach our care specialists at 1-800-951-5111.