Security cameras are an impactful accessory to a home security system. Protect America’s Fixed Point Cameras have wifi-compatibility, low light capability, and pet-friendly. They provide a good way to keep an eye on family members, children coming home from school, nannies, pets, and just the property itself. Installation and set-up are very easy; it takes literally only a few minutes on the phone with an installation specialist to get it up and running.

For your convenience, we had some of our experts answer a few frequently asked questions about the technology and best practices.

How do they work?

Your Protect America Fixed Point Camera is an indoor infrared camera that allows users to check up on their home remotely as well as record and store video during the event of a triggered alarm. It connects to Wifi, and each account can support up to two simultaneous streams. It is also possible to connect the camera to an ethernet cord if Wifi is not available.

When the green light is blinking, that means your camera is ready to go and connected to the internet. To conserve energy and storage space, the camera does not continuously record 24/7. It is always accessible; you can activate its live stream feature whenever you want, so you can check on nannies or other goings-on in the home.

When does my camera record?

The Protect America Fixed Point Camera only records during an alarm. As soon as your alarm goes off, the camera will start recording. This footage will be stored into your account. You can also view your camera’s feed online through the web portal or the SMART Connect App. However, the rest of the time, the camera is not actively recording or streaming. This serves the purpose of energy conservation, increasing the battery life.

Where can I watch my camera’s recordings and live stream?

Recordings are always stored to your My Protect America account online. The live stream can also be viewed online on your computer or on the SMART Connect App.

What happens if my internet goes out?

The Camera relies on an internet connection to store recorded footage and send live video feeds. If your internet is turned off, the camera will not be able to store the recordings. Make sure the green light is blinking on your camera, indicating that it is properly connected to the internet.

Can my camera pan, tilt, or zoom?

This is a fixed point camera, so it is not able to pan, tilt, or zoom while it is recording. However, if you want to adjust the zoom (or any other image settings like night vision), it can be done through a specialist over the phone. Just call our customer care and an expert will help you adjust the settings to provide a better image.


If you have any other more specific questions about your camera, please call 1-800-951-5111 or use our LiveChat.