We all know that most burglars will scout out a house before targeting it and breaking in. They want to know your daily schedule: when you leave, when you come back, when the house is empty. They look to see how attentive your neighbors are. Are there any pets to get in the way? Do they consistently arm the home security system?

Sometimes, robbers also have day jobs that give them easy access to homes.They could be the plumber or electrician making the house call. They get their jobs done during their visit, but they are also taking note of easy entry points and the location of your valuables. If they get the freedom to, perhaps they’ll even tamper with parts of your system so that the alarm won’t even go off if they enter while you’re away.

Protect America’s Equipment is Tamper Proof

The home security equipment that you receive from Protect America is equipped with tamper springs that alert the central control panel if someone has been messing with your sensors. If anyone tries to take off the cover of the sensor, the spring will automatically depress, sending the signal to the system that equipment has been tampered. This signal will be sent whether the system is armed or disarmed.

On your panel, the condition will display Sensor Tamper, and it can’t be erased until the sensor is reprogrammed into the system. This prevents the perpetrator from clearing the notification before you notice.

What to Do

If you believe your sensors have been tampered with, it’s important to move fast; you don’t want to be left vulnerable with the perpetrator poised to strike. Call Protect America’s care team right away at 1-800-951-5111 so that we can help you determine the best course of action and send you new equipment as soon as possible if necessary.