Protect America’s wireless systems provide an easy-to-install and aesthetically charming way to protect your home. Of course, wireless systems all require batteries, which will eventually require replacement. Fortunately, all of the equipment is very power efficient, and batteries typically last over two years. In addition, the control panel will give you an indication to report a low battery on a sensor or keychain, so you don’t have to wait until the equipment is no longer functioning to figure out the battery’s dead.

Changing the batteries in your sensors and keychains is very easy; it can be done in a few minutes some easy steps. On this page, we will go over changing batteries on some of Protect America’s most popular equipment. If the equipment you’re looking for isn’t covered here, a quick call to 1-800-951-5111 or visit live chat will connect you to an expert who can help.

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    Can I get Batteries from Protect America?

    All Protect America batteries are not included in the Lifetime Warranty that Protect America offers. We recommend that you try to find the batteries at a local store or other third party vendor. The batteries are standard and should not be too difficult to find. However, you can also purchase them from Protect America, and the right batteries will be shipped to you. Call or chat to order as soon as possible.

    Door and Window Sensors

    Requires 2 AAA Batteries

    1. Once you have received or acquired your batteries, take your door or window sensor off of the wall.
    2. The device can be opened by pressing the button on the short edge of the sensor. Use a small screwdriver if you need more precision. Lift the cover off.
    3. The batteries should now be exposed. Replace the batteries with the new ones.
    4. Assemble it again by putting the cover back on. Test the device to make sure it’s working properly.

    Saw-Battery1 Saw-Battery2

    Motion Sensors

    Requires 1 CR123A Battery

    1. Once you have a new battery, get the motion sensor.
    2. Use a small screwdriver to press the tab on the bottom of the sensor. This will allow you to lift the cover open
    3. Replace the battery.
    4. Reassemble the device, and test it to make sure it is working properly.

    Motion-Bat1                            Motion-Bat2

    Glass Break Detector

    Requires 2 CR123A Batteries

    1. After you have purchased or received the batteries, take your sensor off the wall.
    2. Press on the smaller edges of the sensor and lift the cover off.
    3. Replace the batteries. Make sure that the two positives are facing each other. Note: if the batteries are inserted incorrectly, they will overheat and explode, damaging the sensor.
    4. Reassemble the device and test to ensure it is working properly

    Glass_Bat1 Glass_Bat2

    4 Button Keychain

    Requires 1 A27 Battery

    1. Once you have purchased and/or received your new battery, remove the small screw on the back of the device with a screwdriver.
    2. Remove the battery and replace it with a new one.
    3. Put the device back together and test it to ensure it’s working properly.

    keychain_bat1 keychain_bat2

    Pay attention to your control panels to keep an eye on low battery warnings to ensure that your sensors are always powered and functional. If it’s been a few years since you’ve changed the batteries, you might want to keep some extra spare batteries around so that you’ll be ready as soon as you need to change them.

    If you have any other questions about other battery replacements or troubleshooting another part of your equipment, call customer care at 1-800-951-5111 or join a specialist on live chat today.