Your verbal password is the confirmation word we use to make sure that you are okay if your alarm goes off on accident. When you alarm goes off, our monitoring station will call your phone contact numbers and ask if you are okay. If you tell them it was a false alarm, they will ask you to confirm your verbal password. If there really is an emergency, let them know and they will dispatch the proper authorities right away. If you cannot confirm your verbal password, the monitoring station will dispatch authorities just in case.


Do You Know Your Verbal Password?

Your verbal password should be something that you and your family members can easily remember. But it should also not be something too obvious (like your family’s last name or the street you live on). Good options for passwords are family inside jokes or a family member’s home town. Come up with something that is memorable and unique.

As with any password, do not write your verbal password down—at least not anywhere easily visible. If you do write it down, make sure it is in a secure place where you won’t be leaving it out or accidentally throwing it away. Having it out in the open increases the chances that a burglar could come upon it and pretend to be you when the monitoring station calls the home phone.

How to Update Your Password

Have you forgotten your password? Or maybe you just want to change it for any reason. Updating your password is easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Call our customer care specialists at 1-800-951-5111.
  2. Verify your account with either your current verbal password or, if you forgot the password, the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  3. Simply inform the specialist what you want your new password to be.
  4. Make sure you inform all of your household family members as well as any emergency contacts you have listed with us of your new password.

That’s it! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to chat with us any time!