Every home in America is required to have smoke alarms. Modern smoke alarms are so effective in detecting fires that it doesn’t make sense not to include one in every home. What makes even more sense is to have those alarms professionally monitored. After all, what good is a chirping siren if there isn’t anyone around to hear it or do anything about it? Those default alarms only know to sound their sirens; they won’t contact any authorities–that’s still up to you. Your home still deserves to be protected even while you are away (or asleep). And even when you are home, your priority should be to evacuate and get everyone to safety. With professional monitoring, you don’t have to worry about contacting the proper authorities. Let the monitoring center handle that.

You also deserve a monitoring plan that is affordable and reliable. Making the right decision when choosing alarm monitoring companies is crucial to your safety and lifestyle. We think Protect America is the clear winner among all the professional monitoring companies out there, but we wanted to go over all of the top fire alarm monitoring contenders with you here so that you can see the pros and cons of each package.

Protect America

Let’s start here. Protect America has been a pioneer in wireless security and safety systems. We have spent the last couple of decades perfecting the self-install model to keep all of our options and offerings affordable for every family. Protect America focuses on quick and easy customer service, satisfaction, and protection. That means we have the lowest monthly costs and smoothest experience.

Customers choose Protect America because we save them hundreds of dollars. Because every piece of equipment we have works and communicates wirelessly, installation is easy in simple. Most steps are just peel-and-stick! Our installation experts walk you through the process over the phone, but a stranger never comes over to your house to install anything. This means no installation or activation fee! (However, if you would prefer we send over a professional technician, we do provide that option.) We give you any equipment you need (including an upgraded smoke detector if yours is outdated) for free and offer comprehensive coverage of your home’s security and safety starting at just $19.99 a month. Our response times are averaged at 20 seconds.


This is America’s largest home security company. They have been around since 1874 and have built a name for themselves as a trusted and traditional home security provider. They offer a large variety of services, including fire and smoke monitoring. However, all of their systems are traditionally hardwired. This means they will need to send a local professional technician to your home to install it for you by drilling holes into your walls and embedding wiring around your house. This means that you’ll need to pay hefty activation and installation fees.

If you prefer making an appointment and meeting a technician at your home and don’t mind paying the installation and equipment fees, ADT is a solid choice. They are the top in this field in terms of providing security for businesses and large buildings, where wireless equipment may have difficulty communicating. Their basic packages start at $35.99. ADT’s response times are averaged at 45 seconds.


Like Protect America, Frontpoint offers wireless security and safety solutions. They provide a comparable variety of solutions, and they have also employed a self-install model. Frontpoint was founded in 2007, so it is a relatively new face in the home security industry. Some customers like working with a fresh name, particularly if they’ve had poor experiences with more traditional home security companies in the past. Their basic packages start at $34.99, but unlike ADT, they do not have an installation fee. They offer exclusively self-install, without the option for a professional installation. Frontpoint’s response times are averaged at 30 seconds.