Most homeowners with home security systems will experience at least one false alarm during their time. It’s understandable. Mornings are groggy, and sometimes we forget to disarm the system before walking outside; visitors stay over, and they don’t remember to disarm the system if they don’t have that habit; kids are forgetful and easily excited. It happens.

What to Do

When your alarm goes off, and you know it’s a false alarm (because you’re the one who tripped it, or your child comes running to you, looking apologetic), stay calm. Simply disarm the system, and the siren should turn off.

You will get a call from our professional monitoring center, asking you whether you and your family are okay. Provide your verbal password, and they will lay the case to rest. However, if you ignore the phone call or are unable to provide your verbal password, they will alert the police.  

If you are unsure of what caused the false alarm, you need to inspect your system. Perhaps something has been damaged or tampered with. Look on your central panel to see if there are any alerts that you may need to address.

Test Your System

When was the last time you tested your system? We recommend and request that every family make a quick call once a month to our care specialists in order to have their system tested. It takes only a few minutes, and we will be able to confirm that everything is running perfectly. If there’s any trouble, we will be able to catch it early and address the issue as soon as possible.

A false alarm can be a good reminder to call in to test your system, especially if you can’t figure out what caused the false alarm. Our security specialists will assist you in testing every zone of your system to determine the issue causing the false alarms.

If the false alarms have been caused by faulty equipment that cannot be repaired or fixed, we will be sure to send you new equipment right away. Your safety is our number one priority.

Preventing False Alarms

Save the momentary panic in the future by doing your best to prevent false alarms. Here are a few quick tips to reducing them:

1. Make sure everyone with access to your home knows the proper procedures and codes for arming and disarming the system so that it can be consistently securing your property.

2. Lock your doors and windows and close them tightly in addition to arming your system.
3. Keep pets and balloons away from  motion detectors.

Test your system regularly.Good luck!