Our Protect America smartphone application lets customers control their home from wherever they are with the click of a button. The live-stream capabilities give customers an inside look at their home at all times, and with our IFTTT (If this then that technology) you can set up “Scenes” which allows you to program your application to perform a series of events. Example: turning off lights arms your home security system for the night. 

The interactive application has many features that bring your home security system to life through home automated technology. These features make your life more simple, and securing your home becomes a breeze. 

One of the more common issues for users of the app is a forgotten password. This happens when a customer is forced to login to their account after sometime and simply can’t remember the login information. You may be asked to login after an update to the app or if you didn’t save your information to be remembered for every login using the “remember me” feature.

Other reasons to reset a password may simply be to update information or desiring a new password. Regardless of the reason, collecting login information is simple and can be accomplished without calling in to our support line for help. Here’s what to do:

Resetting the Password

To get started with the process, head over to the www.protectamericainteractive.com.

The page will look like this:

Under the sign in boxes on the left of the “login” button you see the “Forgot Password?” link. Seen in more detail in the screenshot below: 

When you click on the “Forgot Password?” link you will be brought to this form: 

You are prompted to provide your user name, and the phone number and email associated with your account. Once you submit this information you’ll be taken through the process to reset and create a new password.

Here are a few helpful hints when trying to remember your user name and password:

  • Many user names are first and last name as one word.
  • The password is required to be 6-16 characters long.
  • Are your fingers accidentally shifted on the keyboard?
  • Don’t accidentally type with the caps lock or the number lock key on!
  • Try passwords you use for other devices. Few computer users actually create unique passwords for all of their accounts. Most people have one or two passwords that they use across all accounts.

Now, it is possible that you don’t remember your user name or some of the required information. In this event you’ll need to follow the instructions in the section below.

What to Do if You’re Still Unable to Login

If you’ve sat around mulling trying to recall your password and you simply can’t remember it, or you’ve forgotten other login information, don’t worry. We have other steps to recover your password. 

Start by calling the Protect America support team at: 1-800-951-5190

They will begin the process of password recovery by asking you to verify your account with your system address, the phone number associated with your account, and the verbal password that you have associated with your account. (This means the verbal password for the control panel, the master code, not to be confused with the password you are in the process of recovering.)

From there, our support team will be able to help you reset your password and move forward using your app.

Pro Tip: A quicker more efficient way to update your password is by simply sending a message to our chat department using our online chat feature. This can be accessed at the top of our web page by clicking the support link as seen here:

Once the support link is clicked you’ll come to our customer service page where two chat buttons are in the middle of the web page as seen here:

You can click on the chat icon or rectangular blue chat button. You will also find a chat button and our support phone number at the very bottom of the web page. Seen below:

This bottom of the page option is also available on the bottom of our home page.


App Updates May Be the Cause

It’s possible that an update to the app logged you out of your account, and once logged out, you forgot your information. 

App updates will continue to happen in the future, and we don’t want you to forget your account information every time we improve our app with an update. Create a password that’s memorable and highly-secure and store it in a location where you’ll have easy access. Maybe an iPhone note, a safety box, or other location where you store important notes.

Remember these two password safety tips:

  • Don’t use the “remember me” feature on any public computers
  • Keep all written passwords stored securely

If you have further trouble with your password or any other account issues, reach out to our support team at: 1-800-951-5111 or our chat department here. Our team of experts is here to help with any trouble you may have.