In the comedy film, Neighbors, a family’s home is disturbed by a college fraternity that makes their nest next door. Its sequel — currently in theaters — Neighbors 2, tells the story of what happens when a college sorority swoops in. Both films instill the long-standing narrative of neighbor experiences gone awry.

Hopefully you don’t have a large group of college students moving in next door, but you might be trying to provide your family with some extra privacy, security, or enclose space for activities.

You already have a home-security system installed, and now you’re exploring the idea of adding a privacy wall, or enlarging the current fencing around your home.

You’re wondering; what are the costs? Is it worth it? Are there risks?

The Choosing Process

The price of a fence varies depending on type (over ten options) and other factors including; permits, home owners association approval, and building materials like concrete, posts, rails, and others you may need. 

Your city might have zoning code restrictions as well, so double-check where property lines end, and contact local utility departments to mark underground power lines so they aren’t accidentally cut while digging holes for fence posts.

Options are available for all needs and preferred aesthetics. Chain fences will be the cheapest, but are the least visually appealing.

Another common alternative is adding a privacy hedge, which may add value to the home for resell. But most homeowners opt for traditional wooden fences.

Why Not?

Building can be a DIY project, but hiring a professional is recommended, and their services will also add to the overall budget.

Installations themselves are rather pricey, and fences (especially wood) must be up-kept to deter rot and mold. You might not have the budget or extra time for upkeep.

Too large a fence could encourage burglars, since it provides cover from neighbors and passerby’s. They’re more likely to be deterred by a security sign, beware of dog sign, or pets.


There’s plenty of options depending on your style and price range.

Your fence will add another dimension to the home and give the family a private space that feels like an extension of the house. This can be beneficial as children grow older, pets are adopted, or for hosting large gatherings. 

It will also shield noise from around the neighborhood and separate spaces of property.

If you have the funds, building resources, or DIY savvy  — a privacy fence is worth it.