Shopping for the perfect home security system involves a lot of research, and can be very time consuming. You might be at your wit’s end and decide to take a stab at creating your own home security system. Many people have done this in the past with Arduino. If you’re the slightest bit tech-savvy and want to save money on home security, this might seem like a viable option for you. However, there are many reasons why making your own home security system with an Arduino board – or with anything – is a bad idea. Leave home security up to the professionals. Believe it or not, professional home security can be affordable. This post will address some of the reasons why you shouldn’t try to make your own home security system with Arduino.

What is an Arduino?

Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform that is used, by many, as a way to learn about digital electronicsThe whole technology is open source. It is a single-board micro-controller, intended to make it easier for you to build interactive objects or environments. The platform was introduced in 2005 for students, hobbyists, and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. Common examples of beginner Arduino devices include motion detectors, simple robots, and thermostats. Arduino boards can be purchased, assembled, or bought as do-it-yourself kits. Hardware design information is available for anyone who is interested in assembling an Arduino by hand. It offers easy access to a whole body of knowledge. One of the key aspects of this technology is that, from the beginning, it was designed having the users in mind. In general, Arduino is an excellent attribute to the world of technology. However, attempting a homemade security system is not a good way to secure your home and family. 

Unmonitored Systems are Vulnerable

With any platform including Arduino, homemade home security systems are a major vulnerability. Anything you make, as far as a home security goes, is going to be unmonitored. Unmonitored home security systems leave it entirely up to the individual to call for help in the unfortunate event of a burglary or home invasion. Having a professionally monitored system provides a higher level of security. Only monitored systems come with 24-hour surveillance by a professional security team. Consider using a monitored home security system from Protect America.

Arduino is for Beginners

Arduino is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning more about digital electronics. Because it’s cheap and small, the Arduino can’t usually handle a lot of different processes at once, so it’s not good for projects that are too complex or require a lot of computing power. Arduino has a lot of options as far as DIY electronics goes. For example, you can make a little device that sends you a text message when your clothes are finished drying. But can an Arduino protect you in a time of dire need? Sure, you can make your own home security system with an Arduino board. However, the reliability and accuracy of such a device is questionable. While Arduino is great for tinkering around with technology, we don’t recommend it as an appropriate device for protecting your home and family from a potentially dangerous scenario such as a robbery. Let’s say you make a security system with Arduino, and it seems to work most of the time. In all honesty, most of the time just doesn’t cut it when it comes to safety. Do you really want to risk it? 


Leave it Up to the Professionals

For home security you can rely on 100% of the time, consider a professionally monitored system from Protect America. If your main reason for wanting to build your own system is affordability, we have great news for you. Protect America aims to give you the most affordable technology possible. You can find monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99, and we’ll give you free equipment. We’re so confident that our current promotions are the best price available online for wireless home security systems, we’re willing to put money on it to back our claim. If you find a lower price for the same amount of wireless home security systems as we offered, we’ll match the price. You’ll get a lifetime warranty on all our devices as well as a locked in rate. Protect America can offer you the reliability of a professional security system while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of a DIY system.