Looking for an affordable home security system can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re looking to buy for the first time. Like with all things, you want to find the best value for your money. However with this day and age, the wave of DIY alarm systems are emerging to help you safeguard your home without burning a hole in your pocket. Still, many people elect to simply purchase a sign or sticker indicating that they have a professional security system when, in fact, their home is completely unprotected. While it may be true that only having a yard sign will deter criminal activity, the obstacle of an alarm system doesn’t actually exist. When weighing out the pros and cons of having a sign as your only line of defense against home invasion, indications show that it isn’t very dependable.


False Sense of Security

Yard signs and stickers that say your home is protected by a security system can be the first line of defense against potential burglars. The idea is that making it known to the public that you have a home security system protecting you will ward off potential burglars due to the obstacle. However, it gets a little tricky when there is in fact, no obstacle after all. It’s understandable if you want to get a yard sign just to tie you over until you have the resources to get yourself a home security system. However, don’t let the presence of a yard sign give you a false sense of security in the absence of a real alarm system. Just because you’ve ordered a fake security sign to put in your yard, don’t forget to lock your doors and windows because of it. According to a study, in about 30 percent of all cases, the burglar gains access through an open or unlocked window or door. So even if you are using a yard sign as your only line of defense against a potential break-in, don’t convince yourself that you’re untouchable to burglars.

Burglars with Brains

Just because you bought a yard sign off the internet with a fake security company on it doesn’t mean your plan to ward off burglars is fool proof. If a burglar has their eyes on your home, and they really want to know if you have a security system or not, it’s easy for them to find out. All it takes is a quick search on the internet for a burglar to find out that your sign is a spoof of the real deal. This could in fact make your home more vulnerable to a burglary. When you buy a real security system, you display the name of a company on your sign and stickers that people have actually heard about. Fake security system signs may display brands that sound fake or they will display no brand at all, which may look conspicuous to a burglar.


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A study put out by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation stated that the probability of a home without an alarm system being burglarized is 1.37 times higher than that of a home armed with an alarm. Some of this may be attributable to the presence of a sign, sticker or other marking indicating the presence of such a system, but it seems reasonable that most of this difference would be due to the actual countermeasures the alarm provides.

Affordability of DIY Systems

Generally, burglars look for homes with an easy in and out, and security systems don’t allow for that. Signs advertising the ownership of a security system seem to be so effective, that some homeowners have taken to simply buying the yard signs and stickers, skipping buying a security system all together. The most obvious benefit of getting yard signs and window decals instead of a security system is that it’s cheaper. Perhaps home security hasn’t always been affordable. However, in this day and age, DIY alarm systems are emerging everywhere to help you better protect your home without having to spend an arm and a leg. 

Protect America offers professional monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month. Insurance companies won’t even consider discounting your rate with just a sign in your yard. With a professional monitored system, you can get a major discount on your homeowner’s insurance, making it an even more affordable option. Protect America provides free equipment with purchase of monitoring and guarantees a lifetime warranty on all our devices. With over 20 years of experience protecting families all over the nation, Protect America is a reliable and affordable DIY security option for everyone.