Finding your home broken into is something no one wants to go through. Not only could your valuables be taken, but also the act violates your sense of security. Homeowners must be proactive to prevent their home from becoming a burglar’s next target. The following are a few common traits burglars look for before deciding to rob a home.



Many burglaries are premeditated crimes. Criminals will often stake out a home for some time before deciding to break in. If a criminal notices you follow a predictable schedule, he or she will know the perfect time to strike. For instance, if your family leaves the house every day at nine a.m. with no one returning until the evening hours, this could give a burglar a large window of opportunity. Contrary to popular belief, daytime burglaries are more commonplace than nighttime break-ins. If possible, try to change up your schedule. Also, you could use timer lights or leave a radio or TV on during your absence. Although the noise may not fool a burglar, it could spook him or her enough to leave.

Another tip? Avoid leaving clutter on your curb when you vacation. Overflowing mailboxes and piled up newspapers send a clear signal when you’re out of town. Ask someone to pick up the newspapers and mail or request the service be put on hold until you return from your trip.


The location of your home will have a definite effect on whether you are more likely to be burglarized. Although you may crave privacy, your lack of neighbors may actually increase your chances of being targeted by a burglar. During a February 2017 survey conducted by Memphis, Tennessee reporters, 100 convicted burglars were asked what drew them to a home. Many of the respondents talked about targeting isolated homes. With one respondent going on to say, “I never did apartments. Too many neighbors. I preferred homes on dead-end streets or cul-de-sacs.”

Unlocked Doors and Windows

Many past criminals have reported the large number of homes they come across with unlocked doors and windows. Burglars may leave a flyer on your porch and check out the locks while they loiter on your property. Don’t think second floor windows matter either. Burglars have been known to use ladders lying around the property. Remember to not only lock your doors and windows at night, but anytime you leave the house.

Home Security Systems

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a home security system in place, your property becomes exponentially more appealing to burglars. As soon as a burglar spots signs of a security system, they will hightail it out of there. Monitored systems are preferred over unmonitored security cameras and alarms. A monitored system alerts authorities and will stop burglars from making off with your valuables.


Additional Home Security Tips

Here are a few more ways to keep your home safe:

  • Avoid high privacy shrubs
  • Install floodlights
  • Keep your car visible by parking in the driveway
  • Stow away valuables to keep them hidden from view
  • Hang up privacy blinds or curtains

Don’t become a burglar’s next victim. Protect your family today with affordable and dependable security options. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America