If your ADT contract has ended, you may feel as if you are at crossroads. You can choose to sign a new contract with the same company, or you can sign a contract with another company. Another option that you have is going without a contract and hoping for the best. Here is some information about what you can expect going forward when your ADT contract ends.

Pay to Keep the Current System

As stated above, one option that you have is paying to keep your current system. This is probably the most popular option among homeowners. The average customer remains with ADT for about seven years before they upgrade or cancel.


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    While this is not a bad option, you should keep in mind that customer retention is the way security companies make money. Many security companies like ADT offer customers a “free alarm” to sign up. However, if you remain with a security company for more than a few years, the alarm is no longer truly “free.” The overhead is initially high for security companies because they have to provide the equipment and the services of a technician, sales rep, and monitoring station. After two or three years, the security company recoups the fees and starts making profit. 80 percent of fees for monitoring are pure profit for security companies. Therefore, you should consider switching up security companies every now and then to take advantage of promotions and new equipment.

    Take Advantage of Current Promotions to Upgrade your Current System

    Another option that you have is taking advantage of current promotions to upgrade your system. The promotions may be offered by the same security company you are with now or they may be offered by another security company. Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, so you can expect to see more and more promotions. Take initiative and use these programs to get a better alarm system for your home. If you choose a new security company, they will provide you with up to $1,600 worth of free equipment in addition to your current alarm system. Some of the equipment may include touch screen panels, key remotes, security cameras, and smart thermostats, and window alarm systems.

    How Can I Cancel my Alarm Contract?

    If you’re tired of waiting for your ADT contract to end, you can always call the security company and cancel. Just be sure to call and cancel before your ADT contract before it expires. Otherwise, your contract will auto-renew for another 30-day term. You should also pay attention to any cancellation or payoff fees. In many cases, the cancellation fee is 75 percent of the remaining contract. Therefore, it is usually best to stick it out with a security company until the contract ends.

    However, if you are moving to a new location that is not serviced by the security company, different rules apply. Most companies will allow you to end terms by admitting that they are unable to provide you with the service. However, some security companies are stingy and will ask that you still pay a cancellation fee or the remainder of the agreement. Usually, this is where lawsuits come to place. Unfortunately, these lawsuits usually never end in satisfaction for either party.

    If your ADT contract has ended or is about to end, you may be wondering what the best option for you may be. As long as you are proactive and research other security companies and promotions, you will likely end up making a good decision. For a free quote for monitored home security, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Protect America.