Your home is a place where you should be able to feel safe and comfortable and with the right sensors and safety precautions, you can do just that. In an area where you have a large amount of property or a long driveway, using something like a driveway motion detector can help you to know when someone is at your home and keep you safe as well.

What is a Driveway Motion Detector?

A driveway motion detector is just that, a detector that is designed to be placed on or about your driveway to help detect when motion or movement is present. This type of detector is great for those areas where the driveway is not readily visible from the home, where the driveway is long and sweeping, or where you have a great deal of space between your home and the main road. This is going to alert you if there is someone in your driveway when you may not be able to see it for yourself.

This type of detector is great for a wide range of users and with proper placement and maintenance it can help keep you abreast of anyone or anything that might be moving about in your driveway.

How Do They Work?

These sensors work in a variety of ways but most use infrared cameras to do the job. These sensors send out an infrared  beam that when broken, alerts the homeowner that something is going on in the driveway. They may also have motion activated cameras that switch on or that provide a feed when they detect motion as well. Dependent on what type of camera you have, your placement is going to differ. In areas where you have a very long driveway you may want to place several sensors through the length of the drive. If you have a shorter drive you may be able to place the sensor on your front porch aimed at the driveway.

You want to allow your alarm company to install the sensor where they see fit as they are going to be able to tell you what position is going to work best.

These wireless sensors are easily installed with wall mount adhesives and have a wide horizontal coverage range of 25 feet. They detect movement by intelligently sensing heat emissions from anyone moving across a room.


You want to make sure that any sensors that are going to be placed outside are waterproof or placed in an location that will not come in contact with water to help make sure that your monitors continue to work and that they are protected from the elements.

Do You Need A Driveway Motion Detector?

Though it might seem that you need every sensor you can find, you may not need the censors that you think you do. Driveway sensors are not practical for all homes and in cases where your driveway is very short or where you are very close to your home, you may not need to monitor your driveway at all. In other instances where the driveway is longer or where you live in a somewhat isolated area, a driveway monitor may be just what you need to keep your home and family safe. It is important that when having this type of monitor installed you take the time to really consider what is going to work best for your individual needs and that you take the time to allow your installer to do what is best.

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