According to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program via the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), burglary can be defined as follows:

… the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft. To classify an offense as a burglary, the use of force to gain entry need not have occurred. 


How Does Commercial Burglary Differ From Standard Burglary?

Commercial burglary includes the same intent to steal and the act of stealing after the unlawful entering of a store, shop, office building or any other type of commercial property. Compared to residential burglary, commercial burglary is less serious in terms of legal ramifications. That’s because residential burglary generally includes conduct that may in some way involve physical contact or altercations with homeowners.

Still, the scale of burglaries that occur on commercial properties can be extensive in terms of net worth stolen. Generally speaking, burglars of commercial properties are doing far more physical and asset damage to business owners than they do to homeowners. Depending on your business, you may have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and other property stolen in one burglary.

If you own a shop, store, restaurant, or other commercial business, you’ll need to take preventative measures to ensure that your property is not burgled and your tools, supplies, cash, and products are not stolen.

How Can You Prevent Commercial Burglary?

Most commercial burglaries can be prevented, and there are numerous steps you can take to help prevent commercial burglary on your property:

Have a well-maintained exterior.

Burglaries are often the result of business owners not adequately protecting the exterior of their businesses. Locks and deadbolts on doors and windows should be sound, fences and gates should be strong and high, and there should be lights on the entirety of your property at all times. Burglars tend to pray on buildings that have dimly-lit exteriors.

Put extra protection on valuable items and cash.

Utilizing a strong and secure safe inside your commercial business can help prevent extra valuable items as well as cash in the event that a burglar is able to enter your facility.

Invest in security cameras and an alarm system.

Alarm systems and security cameras on commercial properties can deter burglars from attempting to steal from your business on multiple levels. First, burglars are often immediately deterred from trying to burglarize your property when they simply see security cameras and/or an alarm systems.

Moreover, if burglars do still try to burglarize your business, if you have a high-quality alarm system installed by a reputable company like Protect America, you’ll be alerted immediately as will law-enforcement agents. Security cameras can also capture images of those who have burglarized your facility so that an arrest can be made as soon as possible.


Prevent Burglary With Protect America

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