Home security is a broad term that comprises personal security habits and technology (security equipment). Together, the two create a comprehensive plan to protect you, your family, your possessions, and your home. Do you know how often property crimes occur in the U.S.? The statistics are pretty shocking.

In 2015, a property crime offense was committed every 3.9 seconds. A burglary offense occurred every 20.0 seconds, a larceny-theft every 5.5 seconds, and a motor vehicle theft every 44.6 seconds. (courtesy FBI)

3.9 seconds? That’s practically every time someone breathes! It’s a good idea to understand what to do—and also what not to do when it comes to keeping your home secure. 

Personal security habits

To supplement technology and security hardware, to increase the odds of your home and possessions not being scoped out by burglars or other criminals, it’s important to consider your personal security habits. Good practices include:

  • Making sure doors and windows are always locked
  • No valuables are left in window view
  • Information about your whereabouts are not shared on Facebook or other online spaces—don’t advertise when you aren’t home
  • Use exterior lights to illuminate your home
  • Keep large bushes around your home landscaped so criminals cannot hide in them
  • Don’t leave ladders lying around outside

Oh, and this is a biggie. Always be sure no spare keys are hidden in obvious places. Believe it or not, criminals are very savvy to the places keys are hidden, even if you think your spot is pretty clever.  Just. Don’t. Do. It. Give it to a trusted neighbor instead.

Security equipment

Homeowners can take many different approaches when it comes to safeguarding their homes. Hardware, such as doors, locks, motion detectors, security cameras, alarm systems, floodlights, and other mechanisms, can go a long way towards making sure burglars and other criminals are deterred from entering your home. Before you make a decision between monitored and unmonitored home security, be sure to understand what’s involved; there are many benefits to monitored home security. It increases the safety factor and helps keep your home off burglars’ favored target lists.

Benefits of a monitored home security system

Unmonitored home security systems are definitely better than having no security equipment installed, however, you do get some added benefits with a monitored home security system.

  • Better protects your possessions. Studies show thieves are deterred by homes with security systems, especially ones that alert the police and dispatch them to homes when alarms are sounded. No thief wants to get caught red-handed.
  • Enjoy discounted home insurance. Many insurance companies offer up to 20 percent discounts to customers who have home security systems, offsetting the cost of monitored home security.
  • Remotely access your home. Today’s security systems allow you to monitor your home in real time even from afar through your computer or mobile.
  • Monitors fire and carbon monoxide. You’ll hear the alarm at home with immediate help sent on the way. Even if you’re not at home, you will be notified in event of an alert going off.
  • Immediate notification if a security breach is detected. If you’re away, you’ll be contacted right away by your security company.
  • Monitored home security provides peace of mind knowing you, your loved ones, and your possessions are protected around the clock, with help minutes away.

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