Burglary is defined as the unauthorized entering of a building or home with the intent to commit a crime. Burglary is not limited to homes. Unauthorized entry of other structures on private property such as garages, sheds, and automobiles may also be considered burglaries. Theft is a common motivation for burglary but other crimes may also be committed during a burglary, such as fraud, assault, murder, or rape. There are different degrees of burglary in nearly every state in the union. Depending on the jurisdiction there are up to four degrees of burglary determined by a variety of factors relating to the property entered and it’s occupants. For instance, third degree burglary is typically the unauthorized entry of an unoccupied property which is not associated with a violent crime.

The Various Degrees of Burglary

The various degrees of burglary become more severe as they go lower. Therefore, the harshest punishments are for first degree burglaries, while third and fourth degree burglaries tend to be the least severe in terms of punishment. Factors considered when determining the degree of burglary include whether the property was occupied, whether the burglar was armed, whether violence was committed during the burglary, and whether there was intent to commit a specific crime before entering the property.

Again, depending on the jurisdiction, there are up to four degrees of burglary:

  • Fourth degree burglary
  • Third degree burglary
  • Second degree burglary
  • First degree burglary

All burglaries are considered felonies. A felony is quite a serious crime, and if you are charged with one, you’ll be responsible for a minimum penalty of one year in prison as well as a mark on your record.

How Can You Defend Your Home or Business Against Third Degree Burglary?

Third degree burglary tends to be the most common type of burglary committed. Sometimes, in fact, third degree burglaries can be defined as “wobblers.” This means that they may sometimes be considered felonies and at other times be considered misdemeanors. According to Legal Match:

On occasion, third degree burglary may instead by charged as unlawful entry, which is the misdemeanor cousin of burglary. Unlawful entry only requires that an individual enter a place without consent.

This means that individuals committing third degree burglary may not have a specific crime in mind when entering a property. As result, one of the best ways to prevent a burglary is to provide a deterrent such as security cameras or a security system.

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    Install a security system

    The best way to protect your home or business from a burglary is to get a home security system. A home security system can include a variety of systems that work together to help protect you, your family, and your property. When most people think of a home security system they think of alarms installed on doors, windows and other entryways. However, modern security systems are much more comprehensive and can include cameras, motion detectors, and professional monitoring. A professionally monitored security system can automatically notify law enforcement in the event of a break-in allowing for the fastest possible response time from emergency services.

    It’s important to remember that security systems, alarms, and cameras are not only a benefit after a crime has been committed. They are often successful in stopping burglars and other criminals before they ever commit a crime. When a potential burglar sees a home security system or cameras on a property, they know that if they commit a crime it is much more likely that they will be identified and caught.
    Home security systems also offer a number of other benefits. A professionally monitored home security system also offers services such as smoke and carbon monoxide detector monitoring. It is also possible to integrate home automation systems with your home security to make securing your property more convenient than ever.

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