Burglary can be defined as the unlawful entering of a building or home with the intent to commit some sort of crime inside. Certainly, theft is one of the crimes that someone committing burglary could be intending to do once they unlawfully entered a property. However, the burglar may be intending to commit other sorts of crime as well, such as rape, murder, credit card fraud, or assault. The key action is the unlawful entrance into a building.

There are different degrees of burglary in nearly all states in the union. Every degree of burglary dictates that the person who committed the crime unlawfully entered a building or home without the consent of the owner, and intended to commit a crime there.

The Various Degrees of Burglary

The various degrees of burglary get more severe as they go lower. Therefore, the harshest punishments are for first degree burglaries, and third and fourth degree burglaries tend to be the least severe in terms of punishment. The degree of a burglary is largely based on culpability of the burglar.

Again, in most states, there are the following four degrees of burglary:

  • Fourth degree burglary
  • Third degree burglary
  • Second degree burglary
  • First degree burglary

All burglaries are considered felonies. A felony is quite a serious crime, and if you are charged with one, you’ll be responsible for a minimum penalty of one year In prison as well as a mark on your record.

How Can You Defend Your Home or Business Against Third Degree Burglary?

Third degree burglary tends to be the most common type of burglary committed. Sometimes, in fact, third degree burglaries can be defined as “wobblers.” This means that they may sometimes be considered felonies and at other times be considered misdemeanors. According to Legal Match:

On occasion, third degree burglary may instead by charged as unlawful entry, which is the misdemeanor cousin of burglary. Unlawful entry only requires that an individual enter a place without consent.

Install a security system

The best way to protect your home or business from third degree burglary is to get home security. These systems set up surveillance cameras, alarms for those inside the building to be immediately notified of a breach of security, and alarms that go directly to law enforcement officials. If a burglary occurs, you and enforcement officials will be notified as soon as possible so that an arrest can be made. There are numerous types of security systems on the market.
It’s also important to note that security systems, alarms, and cameras often stop potential burglars directly in their tracks. They see the alarm system and immediately know that if they attempt a burglary, they could very well be found out and apprehended.

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