Cameras: They’re everywhere in this world of mobile phones and other beloved mobile devices. Let’s face it, they  keep us plugged, informed and in touch 24/7. Real time has its’ pros and cons but in the security world this technology can be the biggest pro you have when protecting your family, home and belongings. Did you know there is a property crime that occurs every 3.7 seconds, and if you have a security system in your home, you have 1/3 less chance of being broken into? That’s why a proactive approach to home security and using the latest and greatest technology, like home security cameras can save you big time when an unfriendly visitor comes knocking on your front door.


Top Rated Security Cameras

This is where investing in a well thought out, professionally designed security system, using cameras and smart devices, makes the most sense. Security companies like Protect America are rated in the top 5 best in home security and alarm systems by SafeWise Reviews and listed on Top Consumer because they know the ins and outs of keeping your home safe. Carefully placed security cameras play an integral role in home security systems. But is a camera enough? It’s certainly the first step in getting your basic home security plan started.

Here are some effective security camera features to consider, recommended by Protect America:

1.  Real Time Security Features: A home automated security system should include IFTTT tech, a smart panel, Amazon Alexa integration and a variety of smart home features while at the same time provide real time security by continually being monitored with state of the art video cameras include audio and video.

2.  High Definition Continual Feed:  Keep your eye on everything in your home with a continual HD camera feed that features a 720p, 25 frames per second feed plus a 80 degree field of view. Be in the know all day, everyday when it comes to what’s happening in your home whether you’re down the street or down under.

3.  Small But Mighty:  When you think of security you probably don’t think of sleek and sexy, but small, discreet cameras that fit virtually wherever you want and feature a convenient  full swivel vase will make your home a stage for any unexpected and unwelcome visitor whose the star of the show.

4.  Automatic Lights: Put the spotlight on your home. No worries day or night with special infrared automatic LED night vision lights offering 16 feet of light so you can shed some light on every room in your home whether it’s day or night.

5.  Hear the Action:  A two way audio system with a built in microphone and speaker system is available so you can see it, and hear it and know what is happening in your home whether you are there or not! This technology allows you to even have a conversation with whomever is on your property.

6.  Mobile Device Streaming:It’s like you are right there! Live, totally secure and private streaming technology using an Android or iOS smart mobile device allows you to easily access a live feed anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world.

7.  Monitored Systems Are the Key:  Securing systems are key into protecting your home whether you are home or not. Monitored systems are the best way to go to get the most from your products. Unmonitored ones are out there but if an expert isn’t involved in monitoring them then your aren’t getting the protection you deserve. We are ProtectAmerica like to say, “it isn’t home security if it isn’t monitored.”

Contact them today to see for yourself how you can get your home prepared for security lights, camera, action!