When someone discovers their home had been the victim of a burglary, anxiety and anger about the situation are sure to be present. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a burglary is defined as follows:

the act of breaking and entering a dwelling at night to commit a felony (such as theft); broadlythe entering of a building with the intent to commit a crime

Protection against burglary is best. At a time when vulnerability settles in, knowing how to react to the situation properly will be extremely important. Here are some steps to follow after a burglary occurs.


Call The Local Authorities

As soon as a burglary is noticed, a call should be made to local police to come to the home or business to assess the situation. It is best to remain outdoors until the police arrive, as there is no way to know if a burglar is still on the premises. Rather than put oneself into a dangerous situation, remaining on the exterior is best. The police will do a complete walk-through of the home or business and will alert the owner when it is safe to come inside.

Compile A List Of Missing Items

Knowing exactly what is missing will be helpful when speaking to authorities and insurance companies. The home or business owner should do a walk-through of the structure after it is deemed free of intruders. A list can be complied to help in the determination of the value of items missing. It is important to check the following in addition to the main areas of the interior of the structure:

  • storage areas such as crawl spaces and closets
  • any safes on the premises
  • attics and basements
  • documentation storage areas
  • jewelry boxes
  • outdoor furniture or decor
  • garage-kept items

After an assessment is completed, values of larger, expensive items can be looked up online or via retail companies. This information will then be evaluated to determine the total sum of lost items so insurance money can be obtained if applicable.


Get Up To Date With A Security System

Once a burglary occurs, most home and business owners will realize the value in getting their structure protected so the chances of it happening again are diminished. Calling a security system installation service will aid in keeping a structure completely secure against future break-ins. A professional will come to the property to check over areas where breaches of security are present. They will then make recommendations on the best types of security enhancements for the particular problems found. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and new locking mechanisms will all be helpful in keeping personal property out of the hands of potential thieves. In addition, easy tasks can be completed by the owner to enhance the security against future robberies as well.

When there is an interest in monitored home security, turning to a professional service is best. Get a free quote from Protect America today and get started in protecting a home from burglary.