Home Security should be reliable at all times. Protect America offers full support and a limited lifetime warranty guarantee for malfunctioning equipment. Reasons for malfunctions vary and can be unique to each customer depending on various reasons such as region, climate, and maintenance.

What To Do If Your Alarm System Is Malfunctioning

Encountering an issue with your alarm system can happen at any point in time. The issue may vary from having the battery die in your actual system, to a battery gone bad in a sensor, even a sensor falling or shifting from where it originally was to make the alarm send a false alarm. Most of the issues with alarm systems are easy fixes.


A lot of times people change their phone service provider without even checking with their security provider to make sure it is compatible with the type of home security system they have. If you have a regular dial tone system or land line set up, signing up for a new digital type of phone service like Vonage could disrupt communication from your alarm system to the actual alarm station. This will leave your alarm useless.

The best practice to follow is to make sure you check your alarms on a regular basis to ensure your system working the way that it should be. This means you call in once a month to your home security provider and test your system with a representative over the phone. They will have the monitoring station put your alarm account on test so you won’t get any false alarms.



Once you begin testing, you will find any issues by testing each sensor to make sure it is working and communicating with the alarm panel. The alarm panel, or “main brain” of the system controls everything. If you have the Simon XT alarm control panel, there is a status button in which you can press to see if your system is reading ok. It will actually announce any low battery issues with your panel, or any of your sensors. The great thing about this feature is that it will say “System OK” if your alarm panel and all sensors are working the way they should.

If you have any questions or feel like a sensor or you alarm system isn’t communicating; call into your home security department’s Service Center and speak to an alarm specialist. At Protect America we recommend a monthly test to ensure your alarm system is working at its highest potential. Our Protect America reps will troubleshoot with you over the phone until they can fix the actual issue. And if the issue cannot be fixed, we will replace it for you at no charge.

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