The right cameras are a good start, but positioning those cameras in the correct places are essential if you want to fully protect your home. Each home and layout is different, but the following places exist in most residences and should be covered by your security cameras. Any cameras you install outdoors should be out of reach of intruders – they could attempt to break your camera to access your home without being recorded.

The Front Door

Just like you, burglars love to enter your home through the front door, so a camera here is a must. Focusing a camera on this area allows you to see who is attempting to gain access.

Over 30% of intruders attempt to gain entry at the front door, so a camera here is essential if you want to protect your home. This camera can also reduce package theft and let you see who is at your house, even if you are not home.

The Back Door

The intruders that don’t opt for the front door may prefer the privacy of the back or side door of your home. If you have a back door, garage door or side door to your home, then you should have a camera there as well. Mount it high enough to keep it out of reach and make sure you can see the entire area for the best possible protection.

Hidden Windows

Most burglars won’t bother to try and break into windows that are visible from the street, but if you have windows that are hidden behind landscaping or behind your home, then they are far more appealing to intruders. They can break in with some element of privacy here, but not if you have security cameras in place.

Back Yard

If you have a back yard and want to protect the items there, a camera can help keep your property secure. From your pricey lawn mower to kid’s bikes and even the family dog, intruders could attempt to access your yard and deprive you of your belongings. Motion sensors and a camera that can sweep the area can help keep you secure; you can also monitor the entry gate to ensure no one is accessing your yard.

Other Areas

If your homes basement has a hatch or door, screened in porch or other areas you simply want to keep an eye on, a camera system can help. You’ll have a full view of what is happening around your home and on your property, enhancing your safety and ensuring you are not an easy target.


Keep your Home Safe with Properly Positioned Cameras

Getting the right cameras is just the beginning; you need to position them correctly to truly protect your home. At ProtectAmerica, our goal is to help you create a safe and secure home for your family; everything we do and every service we offer was created with this mission in mind. Contact us to learn how easy and affordable it is to protect your home and family and get the peace of mind you need about your home security.